Paper Example on Essay and Text Message Writing

Published: 2018-11-23
Paper Example on Essay and Text Message Writing
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Differences between writing and essay and writing a message

There are various differences between writing and essay and writing a message. The first difference is in formatting where an essay has to follow specific writing format according to some set guidelines. However, messages do not follow any format and are free to write as long as the intended recipient will understand it. The second difference is in length where in most cases messages are short and precise to the information to be conveyed. Contrarily to this, essays are usually long and covers a given topic in details. The third difference is that essays have to be punctuated and free of grammatical errors and failure to observe this the writer fails. On the other hand, messages do not need to punctuated, and as long as the recipient understands it, the message is good to go. Messages do not follow a given language as with essays.

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In most cases, the content involved in an essay is supported by some scientific research or has some source which can be proved, unlike messages whose content is based on the writer and his or her intentions. Essays are used to discuss a given topic which is first determined and then researched, unlike messages which are prompt actions necessitated by movement of information from one source to another. When writing a text, the writer can use emoticons, smiley, emojis and other visual aids to express some emotions while in essay writing, the writer uses expressive language to describe a feeling. Similarities between writing messages and writing essays occur in that both the writers have information to deliver. Additionally, the writers have to consider their content first before writing it in such a way that it fits the purpose it is meant to serve. The similarities and difference occur because of the reason behind writing each. Additionally, how they are delivered determines their differences and similarities.

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