Cultural Artifact Essay Example

Published: 2018-08-02
Cultural Artifact Essay Example
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History of Caffeine

Focusing on the entry “Java Man” the author Gladwell Malcolm is provides a better explanation about the history of caffeine and the change in the rate of consumption. Through this article, the author gives an illustration on how caffeine reached its historical facts. Ideally, it shows how the society reacted and came to accept the information in regards to the nature of caffeine that was known or was appeared in the previous period. Of course, through the history much depended on the geographical location and the cultural background of the societies. In some of the communities that can be identified to be much far behind where the exposure to caffeine was not that much experienced, but apparently accepted it later and it had a severe impact in various ways.

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Focusing on Malcolm, the author, through his experience and exposure to caffeine, He realized that caffeine was an individual based consumption and some people consuming caffeine based on their personal view and not a general tendency. Through research and experience, I would much disagree with the fact that tea is a more feminine drink than man. In most culture, both women and men incorporate tea in their normal day nutrition as compared to embracing coffee. Comparing tea and coffee, tea leave production is way cheaper due to the geographical location. Considering the daily lifestyle that we frequently experience, most people typically depend on consuming caffeine during the day and are deemed to be individuals with a way of life that is so dynamic. As demonstrated in the article, from a biological perspective, it is evident in the article and the sense of pleasure and power to the nervous system of a human being and the general body of a person working without getting tired. And consequently driving too much higher efficiency with Paul Erdos being a great example in its turn since it is recognized that his effectiveness reduced drastically when he was not able to have the experience of any caffeine for that specific month.

Gladwell uses historical details and humorous tone when it comes to giving support to its observation about America’s caffeine powered culture through various tone, argument, tone, organization, persuasive, evidence and efficient strategies. The description demonstrated by Malcolm Gladwell on the progression of caffeine in western culture helps in portraying its impact globally. He can grab my attention through evidence; winning strategies and humor on one of the topics I am so familiar.

Coffee for Kids

Malcolm Gladwell’s through his description was able to provide a clear explanation of how Coca-Cola was started, through grabbing attention with the topic itself. Providing historical background on Coca–cola, Malcolm was able to explain to Haddon Sundblom who is one of the commercial artists, on the humorous scheme he adopted in putting coke into the limelight, it’s funny that he was able to use “caffeine for children strategy” to spread coke to different Americans household. Ideally, this is one of the important strategies, considering the curious nature of kids hence through them he was able to quickly spread the idea and product to almost every homestead of every American.

Additionally, some of the interesting connection that existed between the society and caffeine happen to take place when cafes decided to involve thinkers coming together to share by drinking coke and eventually bringing the discussion of various political and social occurrences. Through the idea of different thinkers coming together and sharing their experience. One of the fabulous cafés which drew my attention and was of great interest to me is recognized as the “Cafe de la Regence” It's incredible how different individuals like Robespierre, Voltaire and Napolean would just check in and discusses various topics as they enjoyed coca-cola. All the conversation and good stuff they shared were as a result of the caffeine and its inclusion in various type of drink which different individuals shared for pleasure. However, according to Malcolm Gladwell’s, instead of making a general statement on the facts about caffeine and making sources to identify the proof to this fact about caffeine, he can take an interesting and entirely different background in making the paper together.

On the other hand, I find the argument to install and insert too much obligation in focus on simple elements as simple as coffee. With the stimulant being used to keep awake various individuals and stimulate different persons who are facing struggles in their normal life but it has not been used and even proven to bring up individuals who are intelligent. Historically, those individuals who were surviving by then, in the essay played a significant role since they were able to effectively offer solutions to the existing problems and those challenges that were arising by them. The primary reason for their success was the great change that was as a result of time, caffeine and coffee products changed everything, and they acted as one of the most excellent substitutes in replacement of alcohol which was much famous by then.

Through the explanation of who created the modern world, we realize that the first original Coca-Cola was one of the late 19th-century concoction recognized as Pemberton's French wine coca. This contained a mixture of the caffeine-rich kola nut, alcohol, raw material ingredient, and cocoa. With continual improvement and the face of social pressure, the coca and the wine were removed resulting to caffeinated sugar water which carbonated.

Changes in Coke Production

Perhaps in this short story, the author can bring the relationship that existed between cokes a cola and how the social pressure forced them to make changes in coke production. What is amazing in the article is the culture that different individuals developed in the coffee consumption and what form most individuals preferred, through the article he also showed how the drug is addictive and how it have an effect on how ones think by messing up with the brain of those addicted to it. Through the article, I find it to be one of the interesting and fun to read the article. With the major gap is that, there some holes in the story where much focus is put in the past time, and he needs to update to match with the current sources.

Notably, it is not extravagant to raise the claim that it was in these coffeehouses mentioned in the article that the art of conversation developed on the basis a literary style that was new and a new idea generation with a general education in the form of letters was recognized. Additionally, not only did caffeine lead to the development and enlighten of liberal education but also result in the cause of industrial revolution and one of the ways to demonstrate industrial revolution are the unavoidable consequences that impacted the word with individuals suddenly identified being jittery to getting drunk. It’s surprising and humorous at the same time how Gladwell involves its revolting recipe in making a beer soup; he demonstrates that one should heat the beer in a saucepan that’s including a separate small pot beat couple of eggs, mix all the ingredients together mixing them all together to prevent it from curding.

What is amazing with the Gladwell essay is that the perception of different individuals towards, the use of drugs doesn’t make a person much smarter but makes them concentrate on what they want to do more. Through this concept, Gladwell explains that, if you provide a man with enough coffee and he’s capable of doing anything. Java man could be taken as an entertainment and convincing argument whereas he drives in many directions in relations around the subject caffeine. Through different comparison he made in the essay, he was able to compare the amount level of tea to coffee and end up in the rampage on putting into a category of the type of individuals who drink tea or coffee with useless and unreal facts. Additionally, I find some statement that Malcolm made to be so compelling; one of them was that the American Revolution started through a symbolic rejection of tea in the harbor of Boston. In an actual sense, I will never raise perception or even think that the American Revolution was initiated as a result of pure drug call caffeine which is also in tea.

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