Ready-to-Download Essay Sample about Government Systems

Published: 2018-10-22
Ready-to-Download Essay Sample about Government Systems
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The chapter of federalism and nationalism

Both the federal and national systems of government are of significance in determining how a country is governed. In my, both systems should be given an appropriate chance and position so as to ensure that a nation is regulated in a way that meets the needs and desires of the citizens.

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After reading through the chapter of federalism and nationalism, I got to know that the national and state governments have some distinct functions (Morone and Rogan 89). Initially, I thought that the national government has a full control of the state governments. This reading has changed my thinking since I have understood that the two levels of governments are independent and have overlapping powers. As US citizens, we have kept republic by heeding the requirements of the regulations offered by the two systems of government. The sharing of powers and responsibilities is what is known as federalism. People have got to know that both federalism and nationalism have some advantages and disadvantages and this is the reason why some states prefer federalism while others prefer nationalism (Morone and Rogan 90).

Level of government

I also used to think that federalism is the best since it is more responsive to citizens' needs, more protective of their rights, gives a variety of choices and fosters political innovation. My perspective has changed through reading this chapter since the truth is that when it comes to deciding which of them is best; it is true that each has some positives as well as negatives. For instance, when federalism gives a variety of choices and brings about tussles as to who is responsible for what (Morone and Rogan 94), nationalism, on the other hand, holds everything in place (Morone and Rogan 105). Without the control of the national government, federalism cannot be able to thrive for long. The reason for this is that the different levels of government in the federal system may not be able to work together very well.

In conclusion, the topic of federalism and nationalism is of great importance it helps citizens get to learn what to expect from a given level of government, either the state or national governments. This topic fosters democracy since it ensures that the citizens are represented well at all levels by the elected representatives.

Work Cited

Morone, James A., and Rogan Kersh. By the people: Debating American government. Oxford University Press, 2013.

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