Effects of Participation Trophies - Research Summary Essay Example

Published: 2019-05-07
Effects of Participation Trophies - Research Summary Essay Example
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For the given research to prosper and provide accurate data, the researcher should choose the best methodologies and the proposed data collection. These are the main key factors that determine the validity of the data extracted from research for a study. For instance, the data collection methodologies used in the research and not very guaranteed to produce accurate data needed. They are not closely tied to ensure that the data acquired can be related from one methodology to the other, to ensure that the data is accurate. The use of some abbreviations such as etc. in the research may not guarantee the integrity of the researched data. The sampling method of data collection does not also provide clear data. This is because the different selected samples have different views and therefore may not offer the best information needed. Also, these samples may give the same data and therefore make the research difficult to establish the best results. In such cases the researcher should use sapling methods which will not cause complications.

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On the future research, it should be advocate for better data collection methodologies. Gathering of information from authors and other materials would not offer the best data for the research. Therefore, a complex observation method would also be involved to force the first-hand data. The data representation would also appear better in a research report oriented form, rather than a research journal form. A more accurate data would be recorded in journals after further analysis. Therefore, the research should also focus to reach the specific population required first, and this involves firstly the children and adults involved in trophy awards.

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