Dynamics of Abortion, Free Essay for Students

Published: 2019-07-15
Dynamics of Abortion, Free Essay for Students
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Abortion is can be defined as the process of removing the fetus from the womb before the fetus is in a position to serve on its own (Jones, 2015). There has been a rise in the rate of abortions within the current world. Several people are found to engage in the practice due to personal conditions. Abortion is illegal in most countries in the world, and thus a person found to be involved in the practice is convicted for crime (World Health Organization, 2011). The young people within the society are the most affected with the abortions. With the realization of their pregnancy status, most women decide to engage in abortion. This paper seeks to analyze the dynamics of abortion and thus tries to explain the reasons why several people take part in the activity. The conclusion seeks to explain why abortion is not a right experience and why it needs to stop.

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Several people within the world have been advocating for the legalization of abortion. The people deem the fetus as a human being that has not come to live and thus its destruction is not a problem. There have been instances where people get pregnant from unfortunate incidences such as rape and crime (Jones, 2015). The child that is conceived thus torments the parent as they continually as left to think of the incidence that occurred to them. The individuals thus prefer the act of abortion to avoid the torture of continually remembering their unfortunate incidence. The conception of children may hinder people from some opportunities in their life (James & Stuart, 2014). Women's duties are constrained when they have conceived their children, and thus they are limited in performance. People feel restricted by the situation and thus will be motivated to remove the fetus in case they get pregnant. Different people believe abortion is the decision of the child-bearer, and thus they should be allowed to determine the state of the pregnancy (World Health Organization, 2011). The people are supposed to be allowed to conduct their decisions regarding the same. The life of the mother may be at risk due to various complications at conceptions. Yin order to preserve the life of the mother, abortion may be performed by the doctors.

There have been equally adverse critics of abortion who believe the practice is not morally okay and any person who performs the activity should be convicted for criminal activities (Jones, 2015). At the conception of a child, the life an individual begins and thus the destruction of that life is similar to the destruction of the life of any other human being. The religions of the world have been the premiers in advocating against the practices. The people believe the practice denies some other people of the chance to enjoy the life. Regardless of the condition that may have led to the conception of the child, it is innocent and not to be blamed for any action (James & Stuart, 2014). The mother should thus not punish it for mistakes of the father in case of issues such as rape. Abortion is not a safe practice, and thus a woman may lose her life in the process. Most people perform the abortion on their own and end up losing their lives due to blood loss (World Health Organization, 2011). The recent years have seen an increase in the number of deaths experienced due to the abortion. The people feel the process of abortion is too risky, and thus it should not be performed at all costs. In case, the life of a mother is in danger then qualified medical practitioners can perform the process. There needs to be sufficient proof that the continual growth of the embryo will affect the life of the mother.

I feel that abortion is not a right practice and thus should be controlled. The practice has led to the loss of lives of several people within the world. There is no way of ensuring the practice is safe. Most people do not perform their abortions from the hospitals, and thus they end up losing their lives (Jones, 2015). A series of abortions also destroy the reproductive organs of a woman and at times, they can no longer give birth. Several women end up suffering in their old age when they are willing to have children but cannot bear any due to the abortions performed on their bodies at an early period. The practice has denied several people the chance to live. The children have the right to live and enjoy the various aspects of life; the abortion will deny them the chance to experience such joy in their lives (World Health Organization, 2011). Abortion is not an effective practice within the society and thus should be effectively punished by the law.

In conclusions, there has been a various argument concerning abortions in the recent years. The contemporary world has seen an increase in the number of people who are advocating for abortion within the society. The people feel the practice is helpful and thus should be legalized by the government bodies. There however still exist critics of the practice who have ensured it is not legalized in most countries within the world (James & Stuart, 2014). They feel the practice is not right and thus deprives other people of the opportunity to live. The practice has to be controlled to ensure every human being has a fair chance of survival within the womb.


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