Design Research Essay Sample

Published: 2018-05-21
Design Research Essay Sample
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Information research

Based on week three research design information, the study was a success as most of the validations were achieved. According to the case study, it was essential to determine the best method of assessing a good design that would ensure all the objectives and goals of the experiment were met. In that light, different factors were needed to be put in place such as time factor, resources and also accountability. The experimental focused on qualitative design, and it was grounded in anthropology, sociology, and psychology. The main aim of the study was trying to examine the type of behaviour change to the new nursing care (Bergstrom, Horn, Rapp, Stern, Barrett & Watkiss, 2013).

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According to the information provided, the research questions were consistent with a qualitative research design in that semi-structured interviews were held with a total of 20 participants. It was important to analyses the types of questions that would give correct results at the end of the experiment. In that case, the use of appropriate qualitative questions was to test the validity of the participants. For a qualitative design to be appropriate, the response most are given all the information required. First, they need to beware of some of the ways that the experiment would be beneficial to the case study. As such, it would make them be parts of the experiment by giving correct results. Focusing on the information, the research questions indicated that the qualitative research design was valid as it focused on all the areas that needed to experiment.

The basis for a good case study

Based on the information provided, the study design was described in details by the participants. In fact, they used symbolism as a way of making them get more familiar with the case study. The use of symbolism interaction as a framework to comprehend the participant's outlook on their everyday involvement. It was essential to ensure that the participants fully engaged on their work on a daily basis for the experiment to give valid results. As such, to ensure that most of the participants were willing to be included in the research design, they were interviewed on how best they understand the experiment and some of the benefits it would enhance to them. In most cases, the participants try to overlook some of the issues of the case study and get a deeper view of how it would impact the society.

The design chased was appropriate for the case study as almost all the information needs were achieved. However, the design was not detailed as not all discipline were interviewed due to lack of resources such as time. Based on that, the design was supposed to be twisted in a way that the goal of the study would not be affected even after not interviewing all the participants involved due to time constraints. In such a case, the longitudinal approach would have been the best since it would have included all other factors of the case study into consideration.

The researchers did not spend an appropriate amount of time conducting field work as they focused on the nurses alone. It was important for them to have ventured into other operating departments to gauge their understanding on the matter. Also, they should have included other people who work closely with the nurses to give their information about the work of the nurses. For an experiment to be valid, it is also essential to try and get more information from people working closely with the participants. There was evidence of reflexivity in the design in that the research was organized.

Research participants design evaluation

Information was gathered from 20 nursing homes in the United States in ten different states, and in Canada data was collected in seven nursing homes. The total number of the participants was 942, and it is not appropriate to use such a huge number of the participants unless there are adequate resources. The huge number of participants was tried to ensure that all of them given valid responses which would be analysed and evaluated to determine the goal of the case study.

Based on the information provided, the participants were fully trained before the experiment commenced. It was important for all the participants to understand some of the general issues that entail the experiment. As such, it would help them give valid answered based on the questions provided (RhULjaume, Dionne, Gaudet, Allain, Belliveau, Boudreau & Brown, 2015). In most cases, many participants lack knowledge on how a particular experiment is relating. To ensure that the participants were competent, they were taken through a one-hour training program to gauge their understanding and evaluated the type of responses they are likely to give. One of the goals of the case study was to focus on the dark skin participants. In that light, they took more time understanding the knowledge of such group of people to ensure that the experiment is a success.

The case study is a research method in which we give valid answers

A simulated test was done after training to reinforce protocol and observe documentation skills. Such actions are usually recommended since it would determine how the participants have understood the training conducted on them. Also, it would give the people conducting the experiment an idea if they need to include more participants in the case study or not. If they are content with the response of the participants, it will ensure that the case study is likely to give valid answers (Hunter & Leahey, 2008).

Biasness is one of the factors that interferes with the validity of a research design. In that light, it was important for the concerned party to establish a way removing biases in the research design. As such, to ensure that biases are not enhanced in the research design, the patients were excluded from the experiment since they may give false information based on the type of relationship they had with a particular nurse. To ensure that the information is valid, it was essential to compare all the date collected from al the 924 participants involved in the research designs. The background of the study was openly recognised for all the external validity. A multisite testing study was utilised with a skill mix of staff from C.N.A, LPNs, and registered nurses.

The study did rule out some threats because it utilised the same turning method and the same high-density foam mattress in all the sites that were being utilized for testing. It was essential to use the same type of mattresses as a way of comparing the conditions of different nurses experiencing the same conditions. According to the results of the experiment, it was evident that patients who were not mobile and stayed on their homes were likely to get ulcers than the ones visiting health care centers even with the use of a high-density foam mattress.


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