Descriptive Essay Example on Chipotle Restaurant

Published: 2018-03-22
Descriptive Essay Example on Chipotle Restaurant
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Restaurant Description

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In a number of ways, the standards and concepts of a restaurant are quite different from those of several forms of eating outlets. An ideal restaurant serves the purpose of serving food or beverages less accommodation. Additionally, restaurants vary as per the pricing, area of specialization and combination of service. There is a very popular restaurant known as The Chipotle Restaurant. The restaurant is located in one of the busiest streets in Dallas opposite the Park Mall and serves twenty fours a day. The restaurant specializes in the diverse type of dishes but serves only non-alcoholic drinks. The menu, design and service of the restaurant is based on the ideologies of its parent company, Chipotle Restaurant, which is internationally recognized under the food and leisure industry, as it serves a mix of international foods.


Despite being of the medium, the restaurant is ever busy, with customers from a diverse background. Inside the restaurant, there are three fans to cool down the eating locale since it is closed with no access to outside opening. Despite always being busy, there are two attendants who mop the floor interchangeably after every hour. The floor is pale-grayish and with highly placed terrazzo tabletops which compliments the terra cotta flooring. There are no waiters, which minimizes the crowding and speed of serving, each customer utilizes the self-serving option, where there around 6 staff serving. The restaurant employees are quite friendly, and very helpful when it comes to choosing the menu and carrying food and beverages around. One employee is reserved for packing the food and beverages, which saves times and cuts down on the queuing time to be served.


The restaurant setting offers an ideal space for the users to eat comfortably. The tables are arranged in such a manner that they can accommodate pairs to sit on both sides facing each other. One table in the restaurant has the potential to accommodate four users at the locale. Between each row of table, there is enough space for two users to bypass each other with comfort. The seats of the restaurants are quite comfortable as they are made of metal, and a layer of soft lining covered by leather. Therefore, the user does not have to worry about cleanliness as the leather is wiped after every sitting.

The restaurant environment is also appetizing as the color chosen for the wall are not too bright nor too dull. There are three flower vases at the three corners of the restaurant and a small aquarium. The above aspects give the customers the perception of naturally and freshly prepared meals in the restaurants. The food is served in recyclable plastic plates which ensure high levels of hygiene while serving or packing the foods. Notably, there is a sink at one corner where the customers can wash their hands. Concerning security, there are several security cameras in the building.


Perhaps the most important aspect of every restaurant should be in the scope of food served a restaurant has can serve food as per the specialization of the outlet. The restaurant serves diverse food and the mixture of diverse fast foods. The main and most popular dish at the restaurant is the taccos and burritos. However, the restaurant has a wide variety of menu options and clients have the options to choose from with regard to catering in the scope of buffet setup to service stations. At the locale, the customers can choose a variety of international freshly prepared food. The best part about the restaurant is that it serves only fresh organic food mostly grown in its farm. Menu goes in the range of rice, beans and fajita veggies, chips and quac, burrito, bowl, corn tacos, flour tacos, salad, kids menu and meat or organic tofu. Despite the food being a rich mix of Mexican based fast foods, there are meals made on order for different nationalities


Chipotle Restaurant in one of the busiest streets in Dallas opposite the Park Mall and serves varied fresh and organic fast foods for different nationals. The restaurant’s environment and design is built to support diversity and life. The customers at the eating locale are friendly, organized and customer oriented. The friendly faces helps to serve the popular dishes of tacos and burritos. The customer oriented services, variety of meals and great environment is a sure guarantee of happy customers

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