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Title: Career Aspirations, Influential Persons, Character and Leadership

The career path that one chooses to follow should be thought of carefully as it is what defines a person's life here on earth. The career path that one pursues in the future is highly dependent on the people around a person and the environment one has grown. Personal attributes displayed by a person, previous experience in leadership and the impact of influential people in the society have defined the career path that a person may take in the future greatly.

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Among the many factors that influence the career aspiration of a person include the location that one aspires to live or the geographical locations with plenty of job opportunities. Since many people admire living in the urban areas whereas others look forward to spending most of their time in the rural areas, the choice of the place to live determines where one works and the subsequent choice of careers that will favor their desired locations. Another factor that affects the career aspirations of a person is the earning potential of the desired career or profession (Clinchy and Evans 1987). Some careers are more financially rewarding as compared to others and this makes one choose the career that meets his or her financial needs. The third factor that affects the professional choice of a person is the industry and economic changes. This affects the career path chosen by a person because if one found that his or career path is getting flooded by fresh graduates every year, he or she might opt to change his career path to avoid the impeding competition in the future.

In every society, there exist people who are influential and can easily change the behavior of others. An influential person in someone's life can completely change how one perceives him or herself to how one perceives the entire world. Commonly, most influential persons are successful in life and other people look upon them because they also aspire to be as great as the people they consider influential. When one gets to learn about the story of the influential people, him or her gets to know that everyone can make it in life and that the world is not unfair only that he or she has to work hard so that they can be successful. For example, medical doctors and politicians are considered to be very successful and influential in the society. Young people look up to them so that they can be as influential as the successful and influential ones in the society.

An importance of the trustworthiness in career

In any career, trustworthiness is a very important virtue. According to Johansen and Elizabeth Trustworthiness is the ability to be relied on as an honest and truthful person (P56). This is a very important virtue for any person of good character as it helps leaders to strengthen their leadership. This is because leaders use their influence to change and motivate people and this influence is gained through combining warmth and strength that is improved by trustworthiness. Trustworthiness also helps a person to align his or her behavior to his or her values because a trustworthy person seeks to know his or her personal values thus helping them lead a consistent life at the workplace. Trustworthy can be improved by keeping promises and also avoid the aspect of being selfish because this undermines trust.

I had to apply the virtue of trustworthiness when I held the captainship of my school because I was experiencing many challenges in the process of leading my fellow students. This was because of the age I was in and I had never held such a demanding post before. Among the many challenges I faced was pressure from students who needed my favors through the back door though I had sworn to serve all students equally. The other challenge was keeping the promises I had made to the students during my campaign despite working with an uncooperative administration that was not willing to offer what the students were demanding. I had to be selfless and put the interests of the students I was serving first so that I could get all that they needed to be implemented. I also installed understanding and ethics to those that needed favors so that they could understand that every other person needed the same. This helped me achieve my goal of improving the learning environment for the students and their welfare as their leader.

The career path that one chooses is dependent on the people that surround a person and the challenges that one has experienced before. However, the virtue of being trustworthy and being of good character can help a person achieve all his or her career aspirations and his future leadership tasks. The choice of those people that influence our decisions should also be made carefully so as to avoid future regrets in future.


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