Essay Sample on the Movie Depression: Out of the Shadows

Published: 2018-02-10
Essay Sample on the Movie Depression: Out of the Shadows
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The title of the movie is Depression: out of the Shadows (PBS- 2008). It is a documentary which premiered in 2008 and features different Americans who are keeping a possibly deadly secret. The documentary is a 90-minute project which features the science of depression and the treatments which are available. The film portrays and how the different individuals try to cope with the effects of the disease. Ultimately, the movie shows the audience that wherever one could be, work or at home, the disease touches everyone. The video shows different families dealing with the disease. The film explores depression as a disease while examining the complex disorder which is devastating.

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The film portrays a picture of a disease which has never been seen on television before. Through the stories and the voices of the people living with depression, we see and understand their journey in coping with the disease. Following the film, we can see the latest scientific and groundbreaking researches related to depression.

The film explores the different manifestations of depression and not only the vague definition of depression. The film explores late-onset depression, bipolar depression, postpartum depression and dysthymia. The film does not only focus on the whites but also on the blacks (majorly the urban poor) who are trying to cope with depression. Depression seems to be dreaded more than being in jail. As Terri M. Williams says, one would rather admit having a relative in prison than admit having a relative with mental illness. Mental illness is stigmatized, and she asserts that persistent racism amongst the blacks has led to depression. The stigmatization shows how much the blacks need help, and also those with mental illness need special attention as a marginalized group. Terri is an inspiration on the need to help those with depression. In the United States, suicide is almost as common with those associated with suicide, 90% having the mental illness. It could be easy to toss the word, depression around, but here are people who have lost loved ones and battled the condition who understand how devastating the condition could be. Gangs are also depicted as being one form of suicide with those involved just awaiting the day they will die. The gang members sometimes join the gangs and due to the activities, it catches up with their conscience, and they become depressed with no easily accessible help. Most of the gang members who live past twenty are lucky. This part of the film strengthens and confirms my desire to work as an RN in the prison systems.

The movie depicts the firsthand experience of depression affecting people from all walks of life. It shows the personal experiences and the individual journey to seeking treatment. It also clarifies while giving hope and cutting through stigma. The movie, however, does not mention the effects of medications like nausea, potential sexual dysfunction, hallucinations, and cravings. Also, the fact that sometimes it could take months or even a year for medication to kick in. Hospitalization as a therapy is also depicted positively, while they forget to mention some experiences where the courts or families sometimes force patients to hospitalization. However, despite not representing the exact picture of the disease, the movie offers a good insight for anyone without prior knowledge on depression as a disease. It can be of particular help to people affected by the depression or mental illness.


Litzsinger, M., & Hamaker, S. (2016). Out of the shadows: A journey of recovery from Depression. Place of publication not identified: Richard M. Litzsinger.

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