Free Paper for You on Communication Disorder: Blog Response

Published: 2022-03-24
Free Paper for You on Communication Disorder: Blog Response
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The blog 'Hello, I Stutter" is a blog written by someone who affected by stuttering. The author of the blog is known as Rehan Nasir, an American engineer who lives in Indianapolis. The blogger has been stuttering since he was seven and right now he is 38 years old. The blog is personal, and the author narrates the different events he encounters through his career and daily life and how they are affected by stuttering. Therefore, Rehan uses the site to communicate about stuttering on a regular basis and a way of sharing how his life has been like living with the condition.

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Stuttering is a condition that affects one's fluency in communication as the person talks with involuntary while repeating consonants. Stuttering is often referred to as stammering. Currently, there are no cures for stuttering, though therapy can sometimes help with managing condition.

In all the posts that the author posted on the blog, the prevailing idea evident is the fact that Rehan finds it challenging to cope with the changing environment where people sometimes think that he is faking his condition. This affects how he interacts with others, and he wishes that he would speak fluently. To combat this and avoid surprising people, Rehan normally introduces himself and mentions that he stutters so that he would not surprise or disappoint people in their future interactions. Rehan says that "I took the chance to introduce myself. And tell eight people that I'm a person who stutters. The more I did it over the past few weeks, the easier it got. And the better I felt. The weight was off." Such is an example of what many people that have the condition go through. They always feel that they need to prepare others in advance by communicating the idea that they are unable to communicate fluently.

Reading the posts on the blog highlight the fact that Rehan is struggling with the condition and even in his current age, he still seeks to understand how people would react to specific circumstances. For example in his post "Ordering through the App," Rehan indicates that he should be happy that the mobile applications will make his life easier since he does not have to go through the problem of talking to people. On the contrary, he feels like this would limit his space of interaction, which is something that Rehan enjoys doing. As a result, Rehan directs questions to his followers concerning their thoughts on how they would handle a similar situation.

The blog is very enlightening and offers a significant perspective on the life of a person affected by the stuttering disorder. Rehan Nasir uses real-life examples in discussing his experience from an objective point of view thus eliminating a biased or a one-sided argument. The blog is helpful in the sense that it helps normal individuals not affected by the disorder to relate to the scenarios that stutterers encounter. The one thing that stands out from the different posts is how the author engages the readers through questions. It helps the audience to understand his ideas well hence eliminating chances of prejudice. I would recommend this blog to any person with the stutter conditions and finding it challenging on how to express their thoughts in social interactions.

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