SWOT Analysis of Booz Allen Hamilton Incorporation - Free Essay

Published: 2018-11-21
SWOT Analysis of Booz Allen Hamilton Incorporation - Free Essay
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SWOT Analysis of Booz Allen Hamilton

Booz Allen Hamilton Incorporation is one of the most renowned consulting firm in the US that offer services to numerous governmental agencies. The services provided include technology assimilation and administration consultation services to defense and civil service government subdivisions among others. For any objective in a company to be carried out a SWOT analysis is vital to determine the external and internal factors that favor the business to be conducted. For the Booz Allen Hamilton, the SWOT Analysis is as discussed below.

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Booz Allen Hamilton has a strong relationship with government agencies like Federal aviation administration, the Department of Defense and internal revenue services. These ties prove to be the strengthening points of the company. Bach (2016) states that the reason these government divisions prefer Allen Hamilton is because they receive upcoming technologies that fulfill their needs in real-time. Booz Allen Hamilton, abbreviated as BAH, had been in partnership with Carlyle group offering consultations services to numerous organizations and corporations. Due to personal reasons after eight years, the two companies split. It made BAH stronger since it provides consultation and technological services (Bach, 2016). It has also enabled it to maintain a good relationship with defense forces and other governmental and non-governmental corporations.

In attempts to expand the business, Booz Allen Hamilton has extended their services beyond American borders, with more than seventy-two stations globally (Feathers, 2014). Consultations services offered are critical and ensure the growth of a company that they offer managerial and marketing advice. Their many strong relationships are made successful with their first impression. The presentation is essential to building confidence to clients. Additionally, Booz Allen Hamilton has incorporated strong ethics in business that govern the performance of business operations carried out widely. Due to their hard work the company was listed as the best consultation firm of the year (Feathers, 2014).

Using technology in corporation

Booz Allen Hamilton is offering most of its services to the US government. Therefore, it makes it highly dependent on the US government. Therefore, the US government is the BAH primary client. In case this relationship is broken the company will experience a great downfall regarding revenue (Feathers, 2014). Although the company has many offices around the world, it has limited services offered globally as the majority of the company's services are concentrated in the US, and more specifically the government. According to Chalofsky (2014), growth is limited when a corporation is highly indebted since the employees will be required to work extra hard to pay back the loans and grants.

For diversity, the Booz Allen Hamilton could venture and partner with the private sector. Acquisition of contracts from the private sector could expand the company regarding its clients and more importantly, revenue and income. Additionally, it will provide more job opportunities for those who will be working in the respective companies. Consequently, it leads to an increased contribution to the country's Gross Domestic Product which improves the economy of America (Bach, 2016). Demand for advanced technology is evident around the world, with parts of Asia having a high population. Therefore, there is a high demand for technology, a market that BAH can explore. This market will impact the world's market, making the company known for its services mostly in the private sector. It will, therefore, increase the number of clients in the sector and other governments overseas.

More extensive research on development and problems that affect people can be done using technology. Chalofsky (2014) indicates that Booz Allen Hamilton can bring great modern innovations that can transform further how humans think, behave and conduct their daily routines and activities. Additionally, BAH can participate in welfare activities for community development as a way of appreciating the society for the support given. The company ought to give back to the community through charity events to the poor and offer education concerning technology. It has an opportunity of creating awareness of ways of development and attracting new ideas that can be the solution to different unforeseen problems or pre-existing problems.

Business environment

In BAH, competition is evident and poses a threat to the perpetuity of the corporation. It needs to stay up-to-date with technology to ensure that they retain their customers for efficiency and making work easier. The competitors of the company include Deloitte, Boston Consulting Group and McKinsey Corporation. Restrictions on user data limit the company's improvement and give a more personalized information (Chalofsky, 2014). Additionally, cyber security poses a threat to the business with the increasing sophisticated attacks. This attack is made possible, with more details known to the attackers than the corporation's leaders. The attackers focus on data mining and the team in a company that is involved in securing websites and user data never realize, but third party users notice this (Feathers, 2014). Therefore, research on proper encryption of data is vital to ensure cybercrime is curbed. More importantly, the sound management of keys that authorize the user to manipulate data needs adequate protection.

Booz Allen Hamilton is a company like any other that has its advantages that bring more clients and disadvantages that need to be eliminated for a proper business environment. SWOT analysis gives the company a good view of the corporation's structure. Manipulating every opportunity to the business' advantage and neutralizing the threats posed is crucial to keep the company competitive.


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