Free Essay on the HR Department

Published: 2019-10-28
Free Essay on the HR Department
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Everyone tuned into meeting conducted over meeting burner. We all developed the outline together, everyone is to go and develop their portion of the assignment and upload it to the file exchange on BB by Wednesday 9/7/16 to be compiled.

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Employee growth and development is a highly recognized tool in the continued growth of the organization, continued growth and the aspect of retaining valuable employees. The alignment of the employees career objectives with the aims of the organization helps to engage the company staff as well as achieve the set goals. Despite of the fact that rewards awarded from good business performance are the core objectives of the business, the career development part does not merely fall on the CEO but the participation of the CEO is also important. One of the main factors that drive to the achievement of an organization is the Human Resource department. The human resource department is one of the most important segments of an organization as it handles the most important resource of the organization which is the employees. It is comprised of many roles but the most important ones are; overseeing the functions of the departments and the management of the employees. The main roles thus are; training and development, compensation and benefits, recruitment and selection and employee relations. The HR department is required to have solid skills in communication and the capability to make decisions based on critical thinking and competitive analytical skills. The HR is expected to hire employees, maintaining and the dismissal of the employees when the need arises. It ensures that the company is appropriately staffed throughout through an effective selection criteria, retention and dismissal of the poorly performing employees. This thus means that the selection and dismissal is entirely the duty of the HR department, and once the department is incapable of firing the employees then departmental allocation needs to be reviewed. It is a core duty for the HR department to fire and hire employees thus not practical for the department to be overwhelmed by its duties.

Alternative 1- The hiring process, not having enough of the right people focus on HR first, instead of stressing over sales associates.


With a strong HR team that is knowledgeable of the talent needed to accomplish the goals of the company and streamline into having the right talent on the sales floor.

Having the right HR managers to help train, looks they are a little low in that area.


Cost to having a more qualified HR team will mean higher salaries

Time of developing a solid HR team

Alternative 2- Leaving the HR department staff at current staffing level, but changing their practices/roles within the department and a head manager to oversee other HR staff. (Part of the problem was that the operations manager was doing a lot of HR work, instead of being able to manage the store.)


Lighter workload for the operations manager, allowing them to focus on daily operations, which will aid the success of the sales team and departments

Having an HR person dedicated to each department to refer to whenever there are issues within a certain department. Having a place in the employee manual who you can direct HR problems to


HR department will still seem understaffed to some managers

Department heads who are able to assist with HR issues their compliance may not be across the board

Alternative 3- Hiring a new HR manager with education/experience in HR, getting rid of Brenda McCain


HR getting more involved in the business aspect of the company that would allow them to come up with a plan with staffing so they would know turnover rates and know when to hire

Their education and experience to guide the HR department to success


It will take time for a new HR person to adjust and learn the culture of the company and the procedure/rules/etc.

Relationships with other department heads and HR staff, getting the respect

Recommendation- Alt. 1

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