Banning Bottled Water in Canada - Free Essay on Environmental Problems

Published: 2018-12-27
Banning Bottled Water in Canada - Free Essay on Environmental Problems
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Water as natural resources

Water is natural resources that most people around the world access it for free. However, the modern trends in the economy of natural resources have seen companies emerge to pack and sell water. This is a similar case in Canada despite the numerous water bodies such as rivers and lakes all bearing fresh and potable water. Bottled water has its demerits, and there is need to ban the trade of bottled waters. This paper present three main reasons for banning bottled water in Canada.

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One, the notion that bottled water is always pure as compared tap water is wrong since tap water is subjected to more quality tests as compared to bottled water. This implies that any pollution in bottled water can go unnoticed, which can be a concern to public health. For instance, in the Canadian case, tap water is inspected every day. On the other hand, companies in the business of bottled water are inspected once a year.

Chemical compounds

Two, the plastic bottles are made from chemical compounds, which are a health risk to the consumers. The polyethylene terephthalene (PET) chemical has been established to have release dangerous toxins to the water they hold. This toxin has been identified as antimony and is said to increase in concentration depending on the time water remains contained in a bottle.

Finally, the manufacturing process of disposing process of plastic bottles has been established to be a great environmental hazard. The manufacturing process is responsible for releasing excess carbon dioxide, which contributes to environmental pollution and global warming. The production process of plastic bags is unsustainable regarding energy consumption.

These three reasons are enough for banning the use of bottled water in Canada. Bottled water is likely to contain toxins capable of harming consumers. Finally, there is an environmental concern caused by the production related pollutants as well as waste related pollutants.

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