Essay Sample on Baseball Tournament at the End of College School Year

Published: 2023-04-18
Essay Sample on Baseball Tournament at the End of College School Year
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Baseball entails a bat-and-ball game played between two opposing teams taking turns fielding and batting. The game will continue only when the fielding team's player who is the pitcher throws a ball where the batting team's player tries hitting with a bat. The offensive team's objective is to ensure the ball is hit into the playing field, giving a chance to the players to run the bases and having them do a counter-clockwise advancement within the four bases in a bid to score the runs. On the other hand, the goal of the fielding team is to prevent the advance of the runners around the bases and also prevent batters from becoming runners.

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Some of the demographic factors that are considered for the participants in baseball include age, sports/ education years, and the state or trait anxiety. In this game, there are always no relevant differences in the demographic variables between the non- players, i.e., the spectators and the players. Besides, in the case of the general and the higher ranking players, there should be no significant differences (Smith, 223). Baseball is mainly popular at all levels of skills and age and also in many different areas of the world. In many scenarios, children grow up while playing the game, with many of them participating in T-ball, which is a special type of baseball game at the age of 4 or 5 and moving and then moving on to the player-pitch, coach pitch, and finally to the major leagues. The professional baseballs are mainly categorized into sub-levels known as minor leagues. It is through these minor leagues where small tons attain an opportunity of having their professional team of baseball and have played a key role in keeping the game's popularity.

Concerning the demographics of the spectators, baseball is well known for having the oldest views of the top major sports with those at 55 years and above, taking about 50% (Caro, 383). The average viewers of baseball are taken to be about 53%, and it is known that fewer young people are playing the sport. "The number of people between the ages of 7 and 17 playing baseball in the U.S. decreased by 41% from 9 million in 2002 to 5.3 million in 2013" (Caro, 389). Therefore, baseball combines many of the different mental as well as physical talents. Most of the players are the specialists like the pitcher who specializes in accurately throwing the ball to the hitter while also increasing the difficulty of hitting the ball. In some cases, some of the players are experts at fielding, while others are good at hitting the home runs.

Based on the geographical reach, the baseball game has been considered as the game which is played both in the local states and also internationally. For instance, major league baseball has staged an international baseball tournament, which is mainly referred to as the world baseball classic (WBC). The WBC has staged about 39 games at seven international venues (Yamamura, 803). The tournament, which featured three competition rounds, sold many tickets. In terms of financial stability, WBC was deemed successful with MLB attaining an estimated $10-15 million past costs of $45-50 million, buoyed by $5 million in television rights fees paid to it by ESPN only three months in advance of the tournament(Yamamura, 803). A difference exists between baseball as well as other major sports, for instance, football and basketball, since there is no clock. Subtlety and strategy are the main elements of winning games. In many countries, there has been a great desire to get more children to play the Baseball league. Baseball has launched a program in play ball that provides funding, training, and information to involve more children as well as the young adults in the sport.

Physical Needs

In the baseball tournament, there is equipment that is considered essential in every game. These include the balls, the bats, gloves, cleats, and batting gloves, batting helmets, and catching equipment. Besides, other things might qualify as basic equipment, which is most related to the field. The backstop, bases, pitcher's mound as well as similar items are all taken care of the tournament's groundkeeper. The playing surface is also necessary for the game. "A properly constructed and managed skin surface that consists of 70 to 80% sand (0.05 to 2.00 mm), 20 to 30% silt and clay (< 0.05 mm) and limited gravel (ideally no particles >2.00 mm) will generally provide acceptable conditions for baseball and softball infields"( Ozbun, 172).

For the participant's accommodation, there will be a training room or the locker room, which is projected to be open daily during the tournament. The uniforms, as well as other garments, will also be laundered, and every evening shoes will be shined and will hence be in the locker the following day. In addition, the players who will utilize the locker room will have access to the following, refreshments, continental breakfast, between-game snacks daily, and also the batting cages.

For the accommodation of the spectators, there is a commitment by the host to ensure the provision of a comfortable and also an enjoyable experience at the ballpark. Also, there will be accessible parking available while also the number of parking spaces is more than adequate since the guests will be expected to arrive at the time when the gates are being opened to increase their chances of obtaining an accessible parking space.

There will also be accommodation for the event staff, which will include a nice lodge and a perfect parking lot. Through the lodging program, all the teams who are out of town will need to beak their rooms at the host's hotels as well as the reception of the specially discounted group rates at a variety of hotels. Hence for any tournament to get started, all the participants, spectators, and event staff need to be catered for.

Host Site Benefits

The home-field advantage refers to the edge whereby the team concerned with hosting the baseball game has. The host cities have always employed sports events as a marketing mix component in a bid to attract visitors while generating media exposure for the cities. By the generation of exposure as well as the attention through advertising and media outlets, the events are thought to build awareness of the host city as a desirable destination spot.

From hosting the spectator, the hosting site will have improved business activities. Besides, the money spent on providing for the spectators will lead to a more prosperous and welcoming atmosphere at the event site. Also, the local business in the host site will benefit since the number of visitors will be increased. In addition, the city's host site image will be perceived positively both through the local and national media.

In hosting the event staff, the host site will also enjoy the same benefits as hosting of the spectators; only the difference is that the event staff will live a classy lifestyle hence the revenue collected from them will end up boosting the host site's economy. Therefore, from my point of view, it is good to always host regional events on campus since the benefits will always outweigh the limitations.

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