Attitudes Towards Conflict. Free Essay Sample.

Published: 2019-03-13
Attitudes Towards Conflict. Free Essay Sample.
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A dreadful situation

According to me, I view conflict as an opportunity rather than a dreadful situation. Learning is more of an experience which facilitates personal growth in different dimensions. However, this can only be experienced by changing negative perception into positive perception which can foster positive growth. People always avoid conflicts because they fear that they might lose at the end, they might end up in physical fights or even endanger the lives of their immediate associates.

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Good communication always promotes peace among people. However, when there is poor communication conflict will always arise. For example, one day we had some activities to undertake, and we needed a spacious room. However, the room which we booked had been booked earlier by a certain lady. She, later on, informed us that she had told the secretary to pass the information to anyone who wanted to use the room, but she didn’t. Hence, this created some conflicts over the resource available.

Messages can have a lot of words which can be a bit hard to remember. Therefore, when reframing a message, I will ensure that the original idea is maintained without getting twisted. For instance in the message, “ Jack, inform your mother that I have gone to look for vegetables in town. But I will pass by Jackie’s house to pick some books, then be back at 5 p.m. to check up on her” Therefore, the central element here is her coming back at five to check up on Jack’s mother.

Emotions in conflict

Emotions are very significant in conflict. This is because it helps an individual to realize that someone is interfering with their efforts of achieving a particular objective. Emotions connote the significance of a situation to us. For instance, when I work hard in school to excel in my exams to proper in life, then someone claims that I engage in exam cheating, will raise a very strong conflict.

Positions are often the side one takes because of the good knowledge they have regarding the situation, while interest is the advantage that one sees when picking a specific position. For example, when arguing who is the best player in the world. I will keep in mind the player I know to be the best despite the fact that I will lose the argument. Whereas, a different person might insist that a different player is the best in the world because he only wants to win the argument even though he/she knows that the player is not the best in the world.

People always become personally involved with the issues and their positions. As such, this creates conflicts by making them respond to the issues and positions as personal attacks. Therefore, I will ensure that there is a different perception regarding the issues. Consequently, this will enable me not to cling to a specific position because of the issue. For example, emotions of fear and anger during conflict is always costly. Therefore, whenever my interests are interfered, I should try not to react negatively but rather try one more time to win the situation.

People engage in difficult behaviors because of their different reactions and emotions regarding conflict issues. This makes it just similar to the reasons cited in the readings. Conflict is a natural part involved in the day to day life, but it should be kept as minimum as possible. Therefore, this can only be achieved by avoiding and eliminating individual’s interests. Conflict is always healthy when it is at its minimum, but harmful when the focus shifts from mutual interest to personal interests and interactions that are harmful and disrespectful.

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