Artwork Analysis Essay Example

Published: 2022-05-10
Artwork Analysis Essay Example
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Purpose of the Artwork

The purpose of the artwork is to depict the invisible as visible. The creator was interested in showing a specific aspect of nature covering some parts of a water body in an environment occupied by trees with some spaces. The purpose of the artwork is, therefore, to show an actual aspect of nature by generating an abstract existence. It intends to communicate the combination of the various constituents, which make up the natural world. The artist, therefore, tries to influence the thoughts of the audience regarding the various aspects associated with the natural world. The artist has achieved all these by implementing the various principles and design applicable in the context of an artwork.

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Form and Content

The form of the artwork can be described based on drawing and paintings. The two approaches have been considerably used to contribute to its form. Shapes are included to represent various objects in which various colors are incorporated to depict reality. The content of the artwork is also obvious at a glance. It tries to depict what the natural world with the incorporation of some significant human activities. The artwork has sampled at least some significant constituents of such areas including the vegetation cover across which a road is constructed. A point on the road shows the most significant feature in the art, which is the bridge, which is constructed across the given river. It is easy to note human activities have a considerable influence on the existence of the natural world.

Representational Art

The artwork is representational in that it depicts some level of figurative representation. It shows subjects which are normally interacted with in the real world. Having a view of the art makes it obvious the communication elements, which the artist had in mind. The art has incorporated colors and the recognized elements and principles hence the viewers actually imagine the real picture of the world features.

Elements and Principles

The most significant elements of design that the artwork bears are color and shape. Color is used appropriately to distinguish objects. For instance, the blue color is used to represent the river water, which is always a conventional idea. Various colors are also distributed on the trees with the dominant one being green. The shape of the work is majorly organic to represent the nature. There are curves all over and this is used properly to represent trees as well as the horizon. Emphasis is the most used design principle and this is aided by the use of color and positioning of objects. Every object is given a distinctive color, and the bridge is made to be nearest to the eye to be noticed first and easily. The other principle of design that is used is the repetition and r rhythm; a specific color is concentrated at a point to distinguish it from the rest.

The Appropriate Theory: Expressive Theories

The theory is applicable to this artwork whereby the content and form tends to express the ideas that the artist has to share with the audience. The artist must be having some arguments regarding the reality of nature and human activities. The use of the various design techniques has made it easy to express the give ideas. He, therefore, expresses what he feels to be associated with the context of concern.

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