Free Essay on the Role Religion Plays in the Life of Individuals within Society: Ushpizin Film

Published: 2022-04-25
Free Essay on the Role Religion Plays in the Life of Individuals within Society: Ushpizin Film
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For those who strongly believe in religion, there is a lot that can be learned from the religious beliefs. In any setting, religious tend to be playing a significant role in the life' of individuals in a society. Religion, for instance, can determine the diet and the dressing style of society. To look at the relationship between religion and the life of an individual, this paper will examine the theme of religion in the film Ushpizin. The film can be said to be a unique collaborative effort which exists between the Israeli Haredi and the secular communities. The directors of the film are Gide Dar and Shili Rand. They joined hands to come up with a film that explores the nature of faith, piety and the divine intervention. The following questions help analyze the film.

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Question one: How God is present in the life of the Hasidic couple.

The presence of God can be seen in the couples though happiness and endurance. The couples are at ease with each other. They are seen to be having fun together. In this context, God is sawed as love. The presence of God as seen through the couple is the miracle which comes during the unexpected arrival of $ 1,000. For the couples, this is indeed truly gifts from God.

Question two: The nature of the couple believe in God and how it manifests itself in their life

The couple believes that their God is God of hope. As much as they are languishing in poverty, they believe that good times will soon come. Also, they are not able to get a child even after being married for five years. In a community where bareness could easily call for a divorce, they don't give in to this pressure and continue to hope for better days to come.

Question three: The significance of the citron (ctrog) in the film

The beautiful estrog is known for being asegulah for having a male child. Lack of it is considered to be a test which the couple in the film are subjected to endure. It has been presented as a metaphor that shows the vicissitudes of the couple and their relationship.

Question four: The relationship between Moshe and Milks and how the arrival of guest affect their relationships

Moshe Balangao and Milks struggle in the film to make ends meet. They live in an ultra-orthodox neighborhood of Jerusalem. They can hardly count on one meal. Consequently, Malikah seen to be despondent not because of their poverty situation but the film also reveals that she has not been able to get pregnant in her five years of marriage. As such, she urges her husband to pray harder in respect to the situation that they are currently facing. The arrival of guest seems to be putting them under much pressure of getting the food.

Question five: The theme of forgiveness and redemption

From the festival, one of the themes which were clearly demonstrated was the theme of forgiveness and redemption. The couples have been languishing in poverty. They hardly get one meal a day. To worsen matters, they appear to be worried about the festivals beans they are not sure of how it will go down because of their financial status. Gods portray a lot of forgiven and redemption when it just occurred as a miracle that they were able to feed their guest and still had some food back.

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