Essay Sample on Zika Virus Infection

Published: 2023-01-11
Essay Sample on Zika Virus Infection
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Zika virus is recognized to be a flavivirus virus that is passed on mostly through Aedes mosquitoes, which crunch into people during the day. Besides, it was initially acknowledged in Uganda in the year 1947 in monkeys. For instance, it was afterward identified in humans in 1952 in Uganda and the United Republic of Tanzania (Brasil et al. 2016). However, the epidemics of Zika virus illness have been evidenced in Africa, America, Asia, and the Pacific. Though from the 1960s to 1980s, extreme irregular cases of human contaminations were established from corner to corner of Africa and Asia, whereby it was naturally accompanied with mild sickness.

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Besides, it is as well part of the similar family as yellow fever, the West Nile, and the dengue as well as the chikungunya. Consequently, up to time unlike a number of the diseases, no well-known vaccine can be used to avert the Zika. Moreover, no remedy can be used to delight the Zika illness contagion even though there is an upsetting association linking the Zika virus and the microcephaly as well as neurological confusion that is so ordinary in the children that are being born with small anomaly skulls.

Symptoms and Signs

The Latin America countries are some of the most affected countries with the Zika virus. As numerous as 5 out of 8 natives infected with the Zika virus contain no signs or indications. For instance, when warning signs do take place, they more often than not instigate two to seven days after when an individual is nibbled through a contaminated mosquito (Brasil et al. 2016). For that reason, the signs and symptoms of the Zika virus most normally consist of: fever, rash, possibly pink eye as well as headache and joint or muscle pain. The mainly exaggerated people are at all times are expectant women.


The Zika virus is passed on first and foremost during the bite off of an impure Aedes variety of mosquito, which can be set up through the world. For example, the Zika virus is usually being transmitted from the mother to the unborn or budding infant through the amniotic fluid. On the other hand, the Zika virus can be passed as well on when a mosquito type which is known as the Aedes mosquito gnaws an individual who is having inactive contagion then the mosquito spreads the germ that is, employing additional stinging persons (Brasil et al. 2016). As a result, the individuals then turn out to be a delivery service at whatever time they contain the signs. The other means that the Zika virus can spread in the course of sex that is when a person is encompassing sex with a carrier or a personality who is contaminated with the Zika illness. Thus the virus sexual transmission is possible, and it can furthermore be spread during the process of blood transfusion as the virus is usually residing in the blood for an approximated period of one week.


In this case, Zika virus infection has no management or even vaccine that is accessible for the therapy or anticipation; however, the only defense that a human being can bring into play to guard them against being polluted is by keep away from traveling to the sections that are having the dynamic invasion. Although persons that are living in such neighborhoods are being recommended to hold on to the mosquito's safety procedures such as using EPA which is accepted repulsive over the sunscreen, put on long-sleeve shirts as well as long types of denim that are substantial enough to shield them from being crunched into by mosquitoes (Brasil et al. 2016). Ultimately, they are also being encouraged to slumber in the air-conditioned as well as screened quarters.


The Zika virus frequently extends through bites of impure Aedes mosquitoes; nevertheless, mother to a youngster and sexual diffusions are also achievable. For instance, infected personnel over and over again have signs such as a squat grade fever, red eyes, joint soreness, skin complaint and occasionally muscle ache and nuisance. As there are various other sicknesses with parallel indications, there was no singular concentration rewarded to Zika until further lately (Brasil et al. 2016). Consequently, this quickly misrepresented following the most recent eruption in Brazil which began in early 2015 and ended in November of 2016 with a certified announcement from the World Health Organization. In 2015, improved confirmation pointed out that contamination with this virus could source severe labor imperfections and neurological troubles, the most renowned of which was microcephaly.


In deduction, it is therefore essential for every pertinent organization worldwide together with the nations plus administrations to come up to amalgamate and work together to battle with the increase and contamination of the Zika disease. However, citizens ought to acquire the appropriate safety measures to prevent the illness and dispersion of the Zika virus. In the long run, the fatalities or patients that are pretentious as a result of the Zika disease are believed to be sustained both medically and emotionally.


Brasil, P., Pereira, Jr, J. P., Raja Gabaglia, C., Damasceno, L., Wakimoto, M., Ribeiro Nogueira, R. M., ... & Calvet, G. A. (2016). Zika virus infection in pregnant women in Rio de Janeiro-preliminary report. New England Journal of Medicine.

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