Free Essay on the Importance of Writing in Nursing

Published: 2018-01-27
Free Essay on the Importance of Writing in Nursing
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Why is writing important?

In as far as my writing experience goes, I can say that it has been great throughout my years of college. Writing provides me with the ability to express myself and learn new information in my nursing career. Writing helps me continuously in my nursing career. I can say that I have become a better writer and researcher as I have advanced in college. This has been of tremendous value in my career since nursing involves a lot of research work and writing. Due to the fact that we are required to draw up a lot of reports in our field, I feel that embracing writing and perfecting one’s skills in the same is highly needed.

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Though my experience has been great, I would caution my fellow colleagues to not only focus on writing but also improve their research skills. I feel that the two skills are inseparable. Journal writing is essentially a form of self-expression, however, as a nurse, we do a lot of factual writing as well and due to this, I feel it is important to be able to skim through irrelevant information and note down the vital information (research).

Why is writing important in life of nurses

Writing in the Nursing field not only offers one an opportunity for personal and professional growth but also enables others to offer you feedback about your writing. With writing, I have been able to explore different nursing literature, improved my critical thinking skills and been able to explain complex issues without confusing myself or my intended audience. Writing is an essential job skill and with it, you can be able to preserve ideas and reflect upon them at a later time by writing them.

Writing is one of the two skills (the other is public speaking) that you use throughout life, almost on a daily basis. Others often judge you based on your ability to write. As a nursing student, and in your career, you will always need to write. Technical writing in nursing sets you apart from other colleagues if you are good at it. It stimulates your thinking as words put down on paper are permanent, it not only makes your thinking visible to others but also helps you in as far as refining your ideas when you respond to criticism. Writing, especially in the nursing field is a combination of appropriate nursing literature, an understandable flow of ideas, correct punctuation and grammar, and proper citations. For this fact, you have to be skilled at the same as these are vital tools that one can use to advance in their nursing career. Writing is not only a form of self-expression but also offers others the opportunity to judge you before meeting you. People form a perception based on one’s reading and often times than not this perception shapes the way they view and treat you. It is for this reason that I encourage people to harness their writing skills and adopt a positive approach towards writing as it’s a skill that is highly valuable.

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