Writing: A Passionate Affair for Me - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-08-26
Writing: A Passionate Affair for Me - Essay Sample
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Many people consider writing as a tough task that only belongs to individuals with excellent communication skills. From my experience, I have noted that a vast majority of people try to avoid written communication because it involves crafting many elements of writing, from the tone of the voice to style, among other things. While most of my friends do not fulfill their writing needs, to me, it is a passionate affair. This task, if well done, allows students to gain more understanding of the outside world, but within themselves too. I do not believe that writing about something from scratch is difficult and arduous, as people usually say.

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Whereas I always send people cards that have pre-written messages, it is not necessarily to avoid writing my message from scratch. Specifically, it is because ready-made ones save time as one only needs to customize the message. Such templates also provide an opportunity to do a little calligraphy to improve the outlook of the cards. However, I like writing my message in my handwriting when sending letters to friends and relatives. I value doing so since it makes the reader or recipient feel special.

In some instances, I prefer to conduct my business affairs over the telephone to eliminate the need to write. Besides, telephone calls are faster, and it offers an opportunity to express emotions and observations than writing will do. Still, I do not use the telephone primarily to eliminate the need to write. The urgency and sensitivity of the message often necessitate me to choose phone calls overwriting. Since I consider myself a talented writer with excellent communication skills, I never avoid jobs based on the idea that it requires one to write letters and reports. In brief, I like writing as it helps build creativity and also develop new ideas.

The difficulty of Writing and Writers as Introverts

One of the most common misconceptions about writing is that it is a challenging task that only fits introverts (Adams, 2005). This belief is false since the difficulty of writing depends on one's mindset. Precisely, being a good writer is not necessarily related to writing, per se. Anyone can develop writing skills by nurturing a culture that values reading and writing. Whereas writing for the first time might be a bit challenging, one can improve it through practice. A learner can write a draft and ask a good writer to review it to identify areas that require improvements. In doing so, one can build writing skills gradually (Adams, 2005).

Another misconception is that excellent writers are introverts. Though talented authors may be so, writing is not necessarily for the introverts. The false belief that writers are introverts emanates from the idea that many authors are often in solitude as a way to keep their focus. The reality is that writers are from all personality types, and extroverts can also be excellent writers.

Writing is a Science, and it is About Using Fancy Words.

Some people believe that writing is a science, which is wrong. Although it has the best practices to follow when writing pieces of work, it does not qualify to be a science. Essential aspects that writers should consider are sentence structure, grammar, and how to use active and passive voice. Besides, a belief that excellent writers use fancy words is not true. While effective pieces of writing ought to appeal and touch the senses of its audience, it need not necessarily use fancy words. Excellent writing is easy to understand, has proper sentence structure, and communicate the intended message effectively. As such, it is not necessary to have fancy words.

Writing is Time-Consuming

There is also a false belief that writing consumes a lot of time. Because of this notion, people have developed an attitude that talented or excellent writers have a lot of time to write manuscripts and many other documents. However, the reality is that authors and writers have obligations like any other person (Janzer, 2008). Such individuals as well, do not live boring lives as people might imagine. In brief, writers make time to do their work and even engage in activities that help boost their creativity and imagination. According to Janzer (2008), writing is a fun job and also a source of income for talented authors.

All Writers Have Excellent Grammar and Spelling

Another false attitude is that all writers are exceptional at grammar and spelling. The truth is that they are not perfect in any technical aspect of writing since the art of writing is a discovery process. Another misconception related to this false belief is good writers are born, not made. In this regard, the truth is that anybody can perfect writing skills by being creative and practicing essential writing practices. As such, critical writing and reading skills place one in a better position to become an exceptional writer and an excellent communicator.


Writing skills are integral parts of communication in different domains of life. Excellent writing skills enable one to communicate effectively and convey the intended message with clarity. Competency in writing is vital because it impacts telephone conversations and face-to-face communication. The three elements to consider when writing any piece of work are punctuation, grammar, and spelling. A vast majority of students do not like writing and are more likely to avoid tasks that require written communication. Misconceptions about good writers and the art of writing make people fear this type of communication. Some of the common misconceptions are: exceptional writers are introverts, they have excellent grammar, and they are born, not made. Other false beliefs are: writing is a science, and it is time-consuming.


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