Woodcrest Rehabilitation Center: Bariatric Care & Obesity Management - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-07-29
Woodcrest Rehabilitation Center: Bariatric Care & Obesity Management - Essay Sample
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I selected the Woodcrest Rehabilitation and Residential Healthcare Center program. According to Woodcrest Rehabilitation & Residential Health Care Center (2017), their mission is to provide quality care in a home-like setting using diverse programs that promote independence within and beyond their borders. Their therapeutic program specializes in bariatric care and obesity management. It consists of exercise, nutrition, and therapy, which help bariatric patients recover, and the obese to lose weight. Other therapeutic services include the provision of symptom control, hospice care, spiritual support, pain relief, and emotional support. The reason for the selection of the TR program from the Woodcrest Rehabilitation & Residential Health Care Center is because it offers a robust program that covers several types of care needs that range from the physical wellbeing to the emotional wellbeing.

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The TR program offers a balanced schedule because of the following three reasons. The program provided each of the aspects outlined in the balanced programming checklist at least once a week (Robin & Daly, 2010). For instance, based on the element of purpose, the program offered programs that are mostly education and skill development on Monday alone. However, they also made sure to include recreational and inclusion activities as a way to balance the program. These activities include arts & crafts, Chinese club, Spanish club, games, Ta Chi with Mary, Holiday decorating, and Bingo. Second, the program varies the activities according to the clients' needs, the availability of resources, and the availability of facilities. Based on the number of clients in the rehabilitation center, it is not easy to schedule acupuncture every day of the week. Such a schedule would constraint the resources, and so they settle for other therapeutic procedures such as exercise, movement workshops, and meditation. Thirdly, it enables the clients to benefit from the services and achieve their outcomes by incorporating almost all the behavioral domains, program formats, levels of social interaction, leadership styles, size of the group, and time frames.

However, despite the balanced nature of the program, there are three changes that I would recommend for the program to make it more balanced. The first change would be to reduce the number of activities that require social interaction. While social interaction is an integral part of TR, it doesn't always work for everyone. Some clients are more reserved or introverted and would like to have more time for themselves or take part in activities that don't require some level of interaction with other people. Second, I would recommend introducing limits to the size of the groups into the program. As it stands, there is nothing within the schedule that indicates or gives clues to the size of the groups that will be taking part in these activities. Thirdly, I would recommend introducing a time limit to the program. Preferable allocate each activity a shorter duration to reduce the chances of boredom.

The program has one particular event that was scheduled for a Friday. Acupuncture is a therapeutic activity that promotes body functions and specific self-healing. Improving body functions is an essential part of the clientele in the center because of their age. It also serves other purposes, such as the reduction of stress, removing tension from various parts of the body, and improves the immune system, enabling the clients to respond well to diseases and other infections. The event is essential for this TR program because it contributes to balancing the program. Therapeutic and treatment-oriented events are a little bit underrepresented in the program, and this event helps to increase their presence. For instance, acupuncture was the only therapeutic event on Friday, and the clients would have to wait until the next Tuesday to get another therapeutic activity.


Robin, K. & Daly, S. F. (2010). Therapeutic recreation leadership and programming. Human Kinetics.Woodcrest Rehabilitation & Residential Health Care Center. (2017). About Woodcrest. http://www.woodcrestrehab.com/about_woodcrest.htm

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