Wildlife Conservation in Changing Climate - Free Essay on Environmental Issue

Published: 2019-09-13
Wildlife Conservation in Changing Climate - Free Essay on Environmental Issue
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Jedediah F. Brodie, Eric S. Post and Daniel F. Doak: Wildlife conservation in a changing climate investigates how changes in climate affect wildlife and the measures which need to be taken, in order to conserve the environment and in the process, further conserve wildlife. Wildlife conservation is the continuous practice of the protection of animal species and wild plants, together with their habitats. The main reason for the conservation of wildlife is so as to ensure that nature will be preserved for the generations of the future, to appreciate and enjoy the significance of wildlife and the wilderness for species which depend on nature, as well as humans. The book evaluates how the numerous upcoming activities that human beings perform have a negative impact towards wildlife and nature. After each year, there is little left of the natural habitat for the wild animals. In addition to that, the habitats have also been exploited and have been left degraded. The loss of habitats through fragmentation, degradation and pollution are the greatest threats that interfere with the life survival of most of the wildlife.

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The authors of Wildlife conservation in a changing climate; name the effects of human activities such as climate change, poaching and hunting that is regulated, pollution, environmental issues, globalization and the growing indifferences of the population and deforestation. The book emphasizes on climatic changes which are caused by the current human activities that pose a greater there towards global warming. Global warming has risen as a result of the adverse changes in climate. Global warming makes flooding and rainfall heavier than initially anticipated, severe draughts, hurricanes that are extremely stronger and days that are much hotter are side effects drought brought along by global warming. The intensification of climate and weather extremes are the most visible impacts of global warming as they cause changes that are extreme and dangerous to the landscapes and in turn wildlife and their natural habitats are stressed. The different types of plants and animals have specific, different adaptations which suit to their specific habitat requirements. Changes in climate have effects that are disastrous towards wildlife. The book assesses and evaluates the information about the ecology of climate change which includes the demographic implications for responses that are evolutionary, individual populations, the movement pattern impacts, species interaction alteration and even the prediction of the impacts across different regions.

The book also discusses the strategies which might be initiated by managers of wildlife and conservationists, whereby they can be able to mitigate the effects that climate change has, as well as the resilience increase of populations of wildlife to these adverse changes. Conservation of wildlife is important as it helps us in protecting the species that depend on nature for survival. The book further addresses the importance of conservation of wildlife and their habitat. Wildlife is a very critical and paramount aspect of the ecosystem. Even when wildlife is affected with the human activities, we are also part of the ecosystem and we are also affected in a way or the other. The book further ignites a direction of new discussion about the actions to be taken in order to conserve wildlife. People need to be empowered to protect wildlife so that they can take it upon themselves to conserve and protect nature and all its plants and animals.

The crime of wildlife also needs to be stopped. Imposing high charges against the offence of destruction of the environment and wildlife could be a beneficial factor as it will decrease the rate of crimes against wildlife. The use of technology so as to protect wildlife is evaluated in the book. The elevation of the worth of wildlife is so as to ensure that nature will be preserved for the generations of the future to wildlife, which is also important. Since wildlife is a natural resource and is linked the humans, it needs to be conserved to all extension order to avoid extinction for some species due to killing or those that cannot adjust and survive to climate changes that are caused by human activities. Finally, the book addresses the benefits of conservation of the environment as it will also led to conservation of the environment creating an environment that is conducive for the survival of human and the organism that are part of the ecosystem too.

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