Free Essay. Why You Should Quit Smoking

Published: 2023-12-14
Free Essay. Why You Should Quit Smoking
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Anyone who smokes knows that smoking harms their body yet, they continue to smoke. I am assuming it is because smokers are not conscious of all the effects caused by smoking. The decision to quit smoking is the most important step one can take towards improving overall health. Smoking causes more harm than good. Not only does it affect your health, but also you spend a lot of money on cigarettes.

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I agree that everyone is entitled to freedom, and no one should question one’s decisions and actions. The decision to smoke is personal, and there is little to be done when individuals make up their minds to be smokers. Moreover, there are laws around smoking that are meant to protect nonsmokers. One such law is the prohibition of smoking in enclosed public areas.

It is worth considering the idea that quitting is not easy, especially when one is addicted. I recognize that I have to put factors like levels of smoking, patterns, and addiction into consideration. Quitting is a vital choice, yet so difficult. It may have to take a smoking cessation program for an addicted user to stop.

The most important reason why you should not smoke is that it affects your health. The lungs can be severely damaged due to continuous smoking. Reports indicate that cigarette smokers end up having a lower level of lung function (CDC). The rate of lung growth adversely reduces since the health consequences are long term. Most individuals who smoke at a young age have a high chance of smoking throughout their adulthood. Moreover, fatal diseases like lung cancer and pneumonia are caused by smoking.

The second reason why you should not smoke is a lot of money is spent on cigarettes. It is a fact that there are individuals who smoke daily. What happens when you have the desire to smoke, yet you have no money? You are tempted to steal or end up stealing because the craving would not go away. No one wants to associate with a thief. Most importantly, it is not worth it to throw away your personal life because you have been sentenced to serve a jail term for stealing.

The third reason why you should not smoke is that smoking hurts the physical fitness of the youth. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), both endurance and performance among young people who smoke are negatively affected (WHO). It will not matter whether you have been trained in competitive running on not. Smoking hinders you from becoming the best version of yourself when it comes to sports and keeping fit.

The fourth reason why you should not smoke is out of respect and considerations of people around you. Medical evidence has proved that second-hand smoke is harmful (Johnson). No one has a right to hurt the health of other people. However, smoking affects and causes harm to nonsmokers, which is not fair. Some people do not like the smell of cigarettes and would avoid you at all costs. You eventually lose important friends who would have helped you grow into a respectable person in society.


Smoking is addictive and dangerous. You may never recover from the effects of smoking. The harm smoking causes your body, personal finances, and second-hand smokers are avoidable. Anyone who smokes or intends to begin smoking should think about their loved ones. The addiction not only affects your health but also emotionally hurts the people who care about you. We all wish the best for our loved ones. It will break the heart of your parents, siblings, relatives, and friends if they know that smoking is the path you have chosen.

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