Free Essay Answering Why Karl Marx Is Right about Communism

Published: 2019-08-28
Free Essay Answering Why Karl Marx Is Right about Communism
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Karl Marx's view of communism

Karl Marxs view of communism was based on the joint ownership and the absence of any system of control such as government, social classes, and the state. Communism is the ideal world where people will offer labor to common factors of production. He criticized capitalism and the establishment of the class society. He also viewed division of labor as a negative concept that denied people their right to choose what they wanted. Specialization dictates people to choose one line. Therefore, they cannot explore their full potential. Marx idealized the world without rules where people can explore their full potential and become whatever they want. He asserted that people might study and work in a different career as they like. He denounced the morality and justice concept applied by the state and claimed that they were only meant for the elite and the powerful. He questioned how few people accumulated vast wealth and controls nearly on all the means of production. The Marxs view of communism meant alienation all the rules and regulation by the state and equality to all men.

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Although the view of communism seems complicated, I think that Karl Max is right. His view aimed at establishing an ideal world where people could meet their desires. Communism failed to work during the 20th century because it was different from the Karl Marxs view. The Soviet Union and other Socialist countries wanted control over the means of production, which created an imbalance because it was the ruling class that decided prices, wages and every aspect of the economy. Karl Marxs communism concept sought to establish a common ground where all men are part of laborers and work at a constant pay to standard means of production. Although it was difficult to reach at the ideal communism as viewed by Marx, if the recent capitalist nations are abolished and people allowed being free then competition can reduce. People can explore the world through trying different careers in pursuit of realizing their full potential.

Marx's views on morality

Marx considers the morality by the state and the ruling elite as a ploy to hoodwink the ordinary citizen. Marxs conception of morality is based on the state reaction to the ordinary people. Governments are highly critical in case residents arrange strikes in demand for better wages. They are also very quick to comment about the immoral acts when citizens wage riots to the state such as burning police cars. However, the government is always very mute when it comes to state matters. Powerful countries such as the United States enter into dozens of wars with minor states and cause massive deaths of civilians, yet such acts are loaded as moral by many nations across the globe. The elite and the powerful commit atrocities and walk free because they have the tricks to traverse justice.

I agree with Marxs view of morality that when applied by the state or the ruling elite, the concept of morality is only hypocritical. The hype about morality by the state and powerful institutions is only a ploy to guard their interest. Currently, the society has become very open especially because of the rise of technology which has led to access to information. Morality is a virtue that is highly praised in every organization. However, in many cases, it is only effected because of guiding the interest of the team since they might face negative reactions from the consumers or the government.

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