Article Analysis Essay Sample: Effects of the War in Syria

Published: 2019-08-28
Article Analysis Essay Sample: Effects of the War in Syria
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The article presented by Sima and Souha has a general emphasis on the effect of the modern warfare trade. This statement is a simple explanation of the major area of study in the article presented. Evidence that supports such a line of reasoning develops in the case that there is a historical background of the current state of affairs in Syria, a country in the Middle East territory. Importantly, the general abstract of the article has foundational comments on the effects of the war in Syria. A good case that justifies such an approach develops from the fact that he two scholars have extended their arguments by providing facts. An example case, they have quoted the number of the displaced people as a result of the ongoing war. Given such a case, there is the reasoning that the article is pivotal on the repercussions that arise from war. Importantly, there is the introductory segment provided by Sima and Souha on the history of the Syrian war.

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As an opinion, there is the connection of arguments developed from facts as presented by the two authors. A good example that further gives logic to the information presented by the two authors develops from the fact that they have given their audience a reliable history of the Syrian war. For example, there is the mention of the dates and the root cause behind the Syrian war. In this view, a given reader or audience would ultimately connect to the information provided. On the same note, there is the reasoning that one would say that the information in the article is accurately developed. As an opinion, there is the mention of the Arab Spring and the related effect of the unrest in the Arab countries.

The argument on the effect of the uprising is evidently discussed in the case that the war has affected the Syrian healthcare systems. A good case that proves such reasoning originates from the fact that the information provided documents that antigovernment forces have disrupted healthcare facilities. Their actions have further affected the delivery of emergency services for the victims of war. Next, there is the mention that regime military forces have turned the healthcare facilities into battle zones. The effect of such actions is that it has generally hindered the immunization work by the healthcare organization. As such, there is the prolonged spread of diseases given that the healthcare systems have been tempered.

The general intuition of the article presented is that work has largely affected the Syrian area given the facts presented by the authors. A good example to also include in the discussion is the mention of the cutaneous leishmaniasis which has largely affected the Syrian community at large. Such a term is used in the article by Sima and Souha to mean that there is an increased poor housing system given the displacements by the military forces. Malnutrition is another concern raised in the article given the fact that people have fled their homes for fear of their lives or being caught between cross fires. Conclusively, there is the argument that develops in the article which revolves around the issue of security. The issues are that without proper national security, war-torn areas could affect the lives of the innocent population in various ways as discussed.

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