Factors that Influence Health, Free Essay Sample

Published: 2018-03-23
Factors that Influence Health, Free Essay Sample
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What is personal health

Health is experienced through the physical and mental well-being of an individual. One can be mentally healthy, while they are not physically healthy and vice versa. For a person to experience health, the body organs must function normally and in coordination with each other. Failure of one body organ can lead to failure of other body organs, mental and physical well-being of an individual. Health cannot be experienced through consumption of nutritious food and exposure alone. Eating nutritious foods does not necessarily guarantee good health as there are chances and risk of becoming overweight. Therefore, there should exist some form of regulation with regard to the amount of food or beverage that one take to maintain and experience their health. On the same note, with regard to mental health, there is need to regulate what goes through the mind. With the above considerations, for one to experience good or bad health, it is dependent on the environment and resources they are exposed to which may impact the functionality of their mental and physical potential.

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With consideration of the important role that the surrounding environment plays to personal health, it paramount to argue or view health to be dependent on the inter-related and diverse concept. Therefore, health can be defined as the capacity to deal with the challenges in absence or in excess of resource or factors that contribute to the wellbeing of an individual. With focus on how to define health, it does not necessarily translate to being in condition where does not feel sick. However, health is highly related to diseases and sickness. It is the expectation of many people that when one is sick, they should feel pain, which is the case in numerous many occasions. However, when one is unhealthy, it is not likely to feel pain, but he body will start to react by being unable to function normally. Therefore, health can be defined as the status of all body organs being able to function properly and normally.

Factors that affect your health

There are numerous factors that regulate the extent of personal health. For example, different people from diverse social demographics have a different perspective of what health is and what can harm health. For example, in one society people of similar demographics, such as age may suffer from a similar health problem. As such, nature and the surrounding environment can dictate the level of health for those people in that area.

Other components that may dictate the level of health are in the scope of demographics illustrating the age, climate and personal attitude. Notably, the health of one individual cannot guarantee their own health. The health of one individual is dependent on the health of other individuals. External factors such as government regulation, access to clean water and food also determine the health of an individual. On the same note, the level of health cannot be compared across different levels of people due to the tolerance factor. A person may have more tolerance than the others or high immune as compared to others, thus making their health status not to be of the similar level. However, from a universal perspective, the health of many individuals is often in the scope of physical fitness, spiritual nourishment, social relationships, and mental fitness.

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