Why I Should Be Admitted into New York Institute of Technology - Admission Essay Sample

Published: 2022-06-06
Why I Should Be Admitted into New York Institute of Technology - Admission Essay Sample
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All my life I was engaged in construction-related work. I was fortunate enough to be brought up in a society where construction works were abundant. I flourish in engineering. However, I am drawn to architecture and design. Through observation and practice, I was able to learn a lot in the construction industry. I can read blueprint layout in detail, specifications and legal requirements by the state. Am also conversant with the cities regulations as well as building codes. The more I learned about construction, the more I was convinced that I should pursue a career in architectural design. Similarly, by continuing this career in your institution, I will be in a much better position to expand my knowledge. I will be able to bring out the creative potential in me.

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I learned about New York Institute of Technology from a college brochure. I am interested in joining the school of architecture and design at New York Institute of Technology. Not only is the school among the leaders in the profession but it also offers a range of specialization to choose from. Furthermore, the institution accreditation in both architecture and design, and thus professional bodies will not have any issues with my credentials after graduating. New York City has a lot of art and design which will offer me more practical insight into the profession. The world is moving towards sustainable practices in all sectors, and it is great that you have incorporated that into your curriculum. The college also has state of the art studios which will go a long way in making me further my ambitions. We are living in a dynamic and, the multicultural world today. One should be able to work in any part of the globe comfortably. New York Institute of Technology has students from all over the world and interacting with other students will give me a different perspective to look at life. The experience gained in the school will enable me to tackle any challenge the profession brings.

I was initially admitted at the Borough of Manhattan Community College in the 2016/2017 academic year to undertake a degree in engineering science. As a freshman, I was naive and made some errors which affected my studies. The class schedule I chose made matters worse as I missed some classes. I have sat down and reflected on my actions, and I accept I acted recklessly. My efforts made my grade point average weak. I am asking for the chance to correct my path, and turn it into that of success. I did not realize the importance of education until my senior year. As such, my transcript grades and profile as a student are not good. I have a strong academic base, and I believe I can make it despite the setback. In my journey of education, this has been my major obstacle. These barriers do not define me as a person. I know I hold the fate of my future in my hands. I am willing to go back the road and correct the mistakes I made. I hope you will give me an opportunity to show that I have changed and am now focused. Your consideration for admission in architecture and design at New York Institute of Technology will be highly appreciated.

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