Education Essay Sample: Why I Deserve This Scholarship

Published: 2020-02-18
Education Essay Sample: Why I Deserve This Scholarship
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My name is Maria Pia Camarra. I am 21 years old. I come from Venezuela and I am currently majoring in Fashion Merchandising. My education aspirations include acquiring a higher degree in my field of study that would assist me in my career. Certainly, if I do not have the opportunity to complete my college degree, I will never achieve my goals. Along with keeping good grades, I plan to focus on my career by studying hard. My family has an imperative part in my career as my source of motivation. My family is responsible for my morals and principles that have shaped my life. I believe that education is the key to success and receiving this scholarship will take me one step closer to my dream.

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Like most applicants, my desire for fashion began as a child. My pursuit is burning for this interesting craft. I have unique aesthetics that will enable me to become a top designer one day. I am a living proof of a visionary who is willing to shape the world of fashion industry. My country Venezuela faces economic hardships and making a living becomes difficult. Receiving this scholarship will be fundamental to my career goals. I believe a benefit to this course is to boost the chances of my career internationally and also the opportunity to meet various people of different cultures from across the world. Fashion merchandising has not only been my hobby, but I believe it is a way of life for me that will enable me enhance my public relations skills on a bigger platform.

Many people who know me call me a risk taker because if I want something I make sure I put all my effort to it. More so, I am also perseverant. I ensure I chase my dreams at all cost and for that reason I came to live in New York City on my own. I have always dreamt of visiting the Big Apple since I was nine years old and work in the fashion industry. I believe consistency is the key to success.

I am a go getter and a problem solver. I do not make excuses; I acknowledge my mistakes and ensure that I work hard towards my dreams. I left everything back home just to keep my dream alive in New York. I deeply believe that Berkeley College will provide me with the opportunities to change my life towards one that can be admired back home in Venezuela. My family has also been my motivation by encouraging me to be part of activities at school. My second biggest career goal is to develop a non-profit organization that will ensure internship for fashion students. I realize that my goals will remain to be dreams if I do not receive my scholarship at Berkeley College. Therefore, I am more than committed to work hard in school to ensure my goals remain a reality.

Finally, I strongly believe that I deserve to be selected for the scholarship because I am hard working, committed, and have the potential to contribute positively to the world. I will take advantage of the scholarship opportunity and be persistent in my work academically. I remain grateful to your foundation for providing opportunities to students like me who are fighting for the right to receive education at all cost. It makes me feel like I am not alone in this journey. I am optimistic to become one of the scholarship recipients so that I can progress on my career.

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