Free Essay: My Definition of Success

Published: 2020-11-26
Free Essay: My Definition of Success
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Success is achieving what everyone attempts to reach. It is the reason people work hard to reach it. But even so, what does being successful mean? Does it mean having good money or just health (Fasano, Anthony, 11)? I have heard and read a lot on the definition of the term success from many people and sources but they were not up to my standards. I, therefore, decided to make up my definition of success. From my point of view, success means that a given individual has all these things: good health, a happy family, loving friends, faith in God and a career that you have a passion for.

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In my opinion, the person who is healthy must have two things. First, they must have a good brain. Second, they should have a strong body. For example, Steven Hawking was not a healthy person. Although he was a genius, his physical body was too weak that he had to at some point communicate using a single cheek muscle attached to a speech generating device (Fasano, Anthony, 32). On the other hand, we have Goliath. He was a giant and super strong such that he stood at a height of six feet nine inches and his armor and weapon weighed somewhere between one hundred and fifty and two hundred pounds. This was a big man and, therefore, strong enough to carry and use his mighty weapons but he had a tiny brain such that led to him being easily beaten by David. A good example of a healthy man, therefore, was David. He had not only a strong physical body but also an excellent brain. David was strong because he could protect his fathers sheep from wolfs and lions when he shepherded them. He was also a smart man who knew the weak side of Goliath and chose a clever way to confront him in their battle.

In my view, the sight of a happy family could be easily known by the smile of the wife, the sound of a husbands talking and the laughing off their children when they gather for dinner in their house. In the book The Little Hose on the Praise, Charles Ingalls, who was a husband to a beautiful wife, and a father of three adorable little daughters, was a good example of a man who had a happy family (Fasano, Anthony, 46). His family was the reason that inspired him to work and overcome any hardships to get his family to survive in the brutal nature of an early America. Although they had to live in a poor condition, his wife was not only doing her housework and caring for her husband and children very well, she also supported him in his work (Fasano, Anthony, 47). In the book, I saw that the family was always full of love and everyone passionately cared for the other. This motivated them to live and work not only for their benefit but for each other. Surely, Charles Ingalls family was a perfect example of a happy family that everybody would wish to be part of.

It is my belief that a man cannot be successful if he does not have friends who have the same beliefs, want to achieve the same things as him and would support him when he fell into hardships. As for me, any individual would never be successful if he worked alone or did not have anyone to share with and support him (Huffington, Arianna, 13). One of my favorite films was The Flash. It is a good example for my idea about friends. In the movie, the Flash and his friends had the same mission where they dedicated themselves to protecting the innocent form of the metal human. They were the individuals who accidentally gained powers by the explosion of a particle accelerator that had been created by Dr. Harrison Wells. As I see in the film, the Flash, Flash could have been killed many times by his enemy if he had no friends to support and help him. What if he did not have his father and friends who had inspired and cheered him up when he failed and felt disappointment? The need for friends was clearly shown in season two, episode one when he attempted to work alone then he nearly got killed by his enemy. The one thing that I learned was that the uniqueness of Flash was not only the power of super speed but also the power of his friends who were willing to support him. That was the primal reason that multiplied his power and got him to win in any battle. Based on the films analysis, I think man would never reach the point of success if he doesnt have a group of people that he called friends who were willing to help, share and work with. The film also taught me how important friends can be when they have the same belief as me and work with me side by side to reach our goal.

In the beginning, God created the Eden garden then he created Adam. God gave Adam a mission to manage and care for everything in the garden. Adam enjoyed his task. According to the story, I thought working and having a mission were the joys that God gave us. It seemed to me that a man cannot be successful if he does not get the job have a passion for it. Mainly, I think to have passion in your work means you have to know your mission and your ambition in every task that you work on (Huffington, Arianna, 12). My mathematics teacher was also my personal hero when I was in high school. When he was teaching us in the class, I felt that he put all his mind and sound in his lectures. He told us that due to his love for mathematics and teaching, his ambition was to make every student fall in love with math like him. His ambition and love made him the best maths teacher at my school, and as a result, he would get the highest wage than other teachers in school. Also, he guided a lot of students including me, to fall in love with mathematics. Through him, I learned that man cannot be joyful and successful unless he gets a career that he loves and one that can support his family.

Finally, in my point of view, man can be termed as successful if he does not have faith in God. I was lost when I wondered what the purpose of life was, and where people went to after death. I felt confused and lost because I could not answer those questions. I have, however, found many answers from the elderly people, the internet, my friend, and philosophers. These answers did not satisfy me until I heard the song Amazing Grace by John Newton that was written over a hundred years ago. The song has fulfilled me and answered my questions not only because of the sweet magical sounds and melody but also because of its meaning. The true meaning of the song is that the "amazing grace" of God lies in freely saving and reconciling a wretched sinner to himself, and bringing that wretched sinner to be born again spiritually (Swift, Jessica, and Michelle, 18). It was called, "amazing grace because it is a supernatural gift that no man can take away. Also, it showed me Gods grace is supernatural and that it is beyond what I can imagine. The song got me to see that God loves us as humans and I now know my purpose on earth is to worship God, work hard and have a passion for my job and to treat people around me kindly (Swift, Jessica, and Michelle, 25). To me, having faith in God was the most important part of the definition of success because of the faith. I now know the place where I will be after death. This has fulfilled me and made me live happily and I will never get lost again.

In summary, my definition of success is the man who has all these things: a happy family, good health, friends, faith in God, and a career that can support your family. I cannot call myself a successful person if I do not have all these things because if I missed just one of the four things then I would never get fulfillment and live happily in my lifetime.

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