Essay Example: Why Americans Love Horror Movies

Published: 2019-12-03
Essay Example: Why Americans Love Horror Movies
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Why Americans love horror movies

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There are various reasons why the Americans get fascinated by the horror movies and the first reason is that it helps in educating the society about the lives of vampires and makes the society to be prepared on how to tackle the scary people if they come in contact with similar people. The second reason is that horror movies are entertaining and this is evident in the manner in which the horror movies create suspense in them by keeping the audience watching without a single hint. This is an aspect of the horror movies that is interesting and it is that which keeps the people watching the movies. There is need for the society to acknowledge the importance of the same and help in appreciating the role of the movies in the modern society, horror movies are quite fascinating and this is the reason behind the big population that watches horror movies in America. Finally, the horror movies make the audience to have the intense experience and this makes them to experience a different world mentally.

Comparing remake of a movie to the original

In the process of comparing the process of remake of a movie, there are various cultural changes that are evident in the move. One example of a remake movie is that of the horror movie Last House on the Left elicits various cultural changes. It is evident that the original movie shows a society that is afraid of crossing any king of cultural lines and this is due to the gory nature of the movie. The effect if crossing the cultural line attracts consequences and this is what forces the society to refrain from crossing the cultural lines. The remake of the movie, however, shows a different story from the first as it is a cult classic movie, the remake of the movie was released in the year 2009 while the original movie was done in the year 1972.

Fascination to the romantic comedies

The demand for romantic comedies is growing in the society and this proves the need to evaluate the importance of the same in order to ensure that there is concerted efforts to improve the movies and TV industry in the society. There are various romantic comedies and some of them are such as How I Met Your Mother, Friends, Modern Family, Undateable among others. In order to examine factors leading to the growing demand of the same, there is need to analyze the benefits of watching romantic comedies in the society and why the society is fascinated with them. One of the benefits of watching romantic comedies is that it enables the society to face tomorrow without worries. This is because the comedies tinged with romance evoke hearty laughs and this enables the society to encounter situations with a positive perspective in mind. Additionally, the comedy TV series helps to relieve stress and improves the health of the society. The Comedies therefore help in making people to be joyful and to have a light heart.

Another benefit of watching romantic comedies is that they enable the society to have a peaceful sleep rather than sleep with a frown. This relates to the old adage that laughter is the best medicine and this proves that comedies have various benefits to the lives of the society and this helps to improve the quality of life of the human race. In this light, romantic comedies play a crucial role in the developing a fresh perspective and have renewed energy that improves the quality of life. Furthermore, researchers prove that comedies help in boosting the immune system; laughter that results from romantic comedies lead to the increase in the number of the infection fighting antibodies which helps in boosting the immunity of the body. Additionally, the positive thoughts and feelings that develop from comedies help in releasing neuropeptides that help in the fighting illnesses and stresses. Finally, romantic comedies benefit the society in that they serve as means of working out and that comedies offer an easy way of doing exercise, this is due to the fact that laughing for between 10 and 15 minutes helps in burning about 50 calories.

Fascination with reality TV programming

Reality shows are increasing in demand and this proves the need to examine the effects of the same to the audience. Americans get fascinated by the reality shows in that when they attend the reality shows, they get to appear on television and this offers an exemplary experience to the citizens this is because it is an American culture to seek quality experience and enjoy life in the best way possible. Secondly, Americans are fascinated by the reality shows because the shows give them the opportunity to react with celebrities because most of the reality shows are hosted by celebrities and famous actors and actresses. Getting to see the actors and actresses on the reality shows is an opportunity that many people look for in the society; this also confirms the American of developing high self-esteem therefore associating with the celebrities. Finally, the reality shows are largely and this is one of the reasons that make Americans to be fascinated by the same. The comic and humorous nature of the reality shows prove the growing interest of the American society towards the reality shows.

Fascination with zombies

The American society is gaining interest in the watching of zombie movies and this because the movies highlight the challenges that would be introduce if in any case zombies are in the society. In this manner, they help the society to devise ways that they can use to tackle such situations and therefore fascinating; this helps to jog the mind of the audience. Moreover, the zombie movies create a unique society which makes the audience to visualize a contemporary society with zombies and this excites the mind to devise ways of creating a unique society.

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