Essay Example on Why Abortion Should Be Legal

Published: 2019-10-15
Essay Example on Why Abortion Should Be Legal
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The process where a pregnancy is terminated deliberately due to some reasons is called abortion. In this process, the fetus or the developing blastocyst is removed through medical procedures to prevent further growth into maturity. However, when the development of the embryo occurs spontaneously without any inducement then it is referred to as a miscarriage. The debate concerning whether to legalize abortion has been the global agenda. This excerpt examines why abortion should be legal.

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Although some reasons have been raised to ascertain why abortion should be illegal, a critical analysis of circumstances that surround the desire to abort shows that it is a moral matter (Holquist n.p). It is noted that abortion denies the fetus the right to exist as a human after birth, contradicting the life safeguard in the states constitutions. Some have also linked abortion to murder and cannot be considered as contraception. The religious claims have asserted that abortion is against the will of God. Moreover, those opposing the legalization of abortion state that the fetus can feel pain, which makes the act of abortion inhuman

Nevertheless, a succinct evaluation of the abortion scenario affirms that legalizing the process is essential in a broader perspective. When abortion is legal, women will be free to make choices concerning the childbearing based on the financial implications and relationship factors including the occurrence of pregnancy. Legalizing abortion will allow women to make their personal choices since abortion is a moral issue. The control of unwanted children and parental neglect cases can be achieved through legalizing abortion (Holquist n.p; Pollitt 77). The pregnancy could be because of sexual assault and raising such children is associated with psychological trauma for victims. Illegalizing aborting increases high chances of teenage pregnancy, which leads to the complications related to children with parental responsibilities. The pregnancy could also threaten the life of both the mother and the child and prevent abortion could be disastrous.

Furthermore, legal abortion reduces the complications associated with women seeking unprofessional and unlawful methods. The contribution to the management of the rate of crime can be achieved through legal abortion. Unintended children born to low-income families are subjected to a higher affinity of being criminal because the teenage girls and financially unstable women will not support their basic needs. Besides, the claims that the fetus has a right to life privileges is not sound since the pursuit of happiness, liberty, and rights to life only start at birth. Moreover, the fetus does not have the capacity to consent, and the mother should not be bound to submit to the demands of the unborn child at the expense of emotional stability, good health, and sustainable relationships (McErlean 27). Therefore, it is essential to consider legalizing abortion for the women to have the sole decision based on the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy.

In conclusion, the concerns regarding abortion being illegal should consider the dual perspective of the notion. Several social problems will increase whenever abortion is illegalized. The possibility of young mothers raising children will increase. However, legalizing abortion will ensure that women use the right and safe methods, enhance the freedom of women by reducing the number of forced pregnancies, and reduce the cases of unwanted babies. The move towards legal abortion is also essential because the subject is a moral matter and will not infringe the right of women in making choices.

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