Which Two Essays Did You Read? Paper Example

Published: 2023-08-16
Which Two Essays Did You Read? Paper Example
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Which two essays did you read?

The two essays are “Don’t Throw Away Your Daughters” and “The Beauty of Japan's lonely vending machines.”

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What is the main focus of each essay? What is the most interesting thing you learned?

The first essay focuses on the traditional narrative of the Chinese people that undervalues women in society while attaching more importance to men. The essay offers solid proof that women, just like men, are more important in the community. It is interesting to learn the example provided in the essay on the significance of females despite the belief that they normally elope from their families. The second essay examines the uniqueness of the vending machines operating in numerous places in Japan. According to the essay, the Japanese culture of focusing on convenience provides an excellent opportunity for the use of vending machines across the country. The most interesting thing to learn from the essay is the high level of discipline of the Japanese that prevents them from vandalizing vending machines.

Copy one line or short passage from each essay that you think is really effective, well-written, or interesting. Explain what the writer does to make it interesting. What writing strategies could you borrow when you go to write your own captions/descriptions?

From the first essay, the most effective part is; “…As the years passed, I watched the prized sons of the family become more and more distant, and I couldn’t help but start to question that notion about daughters being unimportant.” (Chang, 2020). In this position, the author seems to use a combination of both sarcasm and irony to refute the argument that men are more vital in a family than women. Therefore, she uses the portion to emphasize on how daughters can be useful than sons when it comes to taking care of the aged. In the second essay, the most striking piece is; “Vending machines are a mainstay of Japanese culture. There are over 5.5 million in the country -- one for every 23 people, the highest ratio in the world.” (Prisco, 2019). The author opens the essay with this catchy statement. He throws in statistical data that helps in reasoning and creating mental images. This style of description is worth borrowing for the paper.

Which image is the best one in your opinion? Why? What strategies for taking a photograph like this could you borrow when you go to create your own photo essay?

The photo in the second essay by Ohashi that covers the vending machine with the mountain on the background is the best. The picture is simple, natural, and uniquely portrays the world. The dull evening light and the bright spot from the bulb light and the vending machine communicate the story in the picture. The strategy vital for taking a photo worth borrowing is the timing and balancing the natural and artificial lighting.

How is each essay similar to or different from the journalistic writing you’ve read?

Both essays are similar to the journalist readings in that words are central in the description of the events presented in the pictures. The first essay is different in that the images have little relation to the content discussed. The second essay goes beyond the normal description to offer numerous personal opinions of the individuals, something that is impossible to present in the pictures.


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