Negotiation Preparation Form Sample

Published: 2019-11-11
Negotiation Preparation Form Sample
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What might they bring to the table to trade? Value-Creating Options

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Considering the interests, resources, and capabilities of both sides, ID some possible value-creating trades

To ensure production of Bellinis Norma is not delayed.

To sign Sally Swansong.

To pay Sally Swansong a maximum of $45000. Since Sally Swansong knows that Lyric Opera is desperately looking for a performer, she will want more than $45000. Lyric Opera will give Sally a chance to revive her popularity.

Sally will be paid more than any other performer at Opera Sally Swansong has a great voice and is known by many.

Sally will save Lyrical Opera from a desperate situation. Trading Sallys voice for a chance to revive her popularity.

Paying Sally a good amount of money for saving a desperate situation.


Creating & Distributing Value (continued) Empathy & Assertiveness Principals & Agents

My Alternatives/ Reservation Value

What you can do to meet your interests if you walk away (circle your BATNA)

In order to meet Lyrical Operas interests, the secondary soprano will play in the title role at a much cheaper price Their Alternatives

What they can do to meet their interests if they walk away (circle their BATNA)

Sally Swansong will walk away and the performance may fail in the first week which will force Lyrical Opera to reconsider the deal Info to Learn &Questions to Ask of Them to Show Empathy

She will consider that Lyrical Opera is a non-profit entity

She has worked for Lyrical Opera before and paid well

Lyrical will help her be famous

Info to Share with Them & How

Explaining to her, her role in the production

Telling her the amount she will be paid but beginning from below $45000

Principal-Agent Issues on my side (diff incentives & info)

Sally is not a good singer as she was in the past

The amount that was to be paid to Boffo was high as she was at the peak of her career

Principal-Agent Issues on their side (diff incentives & info)

Sally is the only choice left

Sally has experience in singing and as such must be paid more

Managing Relationship/ What Are You Working On?

How will you manage differences that arise?How will you manage your negotiating style tendencies?What skills/approaches are you working on based on previous feedback?

I will manage differences by ensuring that there is fairness

I will ensure I use the collaborating style

I will ensure that there is no misunderstandings

Objective Criteria/Standards to Consider Negotiating Process Maintaining good relationship

Focusing on interests

Developing a variety of options Process to propose? Time for exploring interests & value-creating opportunities? Efficient distribution?

I will use the win-win approach to negotiation so as to maintain a positive relationship and aim for the best results for Lyrical Opera

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