Medical School Personal Statement Examples

Published: 2017-10-31
Medical School Personal Statement Examples
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When I was in grade six, my teacher randomly picked me and asked me what I would like to be when I grow up. Although I was not sure what about a doctor does, the answer I gave was a commitment that marked an important turning point in my life. My desire to become a doctor kept on growing as I grew older, wiser, and focused. In particular, I developed a strong desire to make a career out of internal medicine. I strongly believe that medicine is a calling and I have spent years preparing for it. Therefore, becoming an internist gives me the opportunity to be on the front line in assisting patients recover and continue living.

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Personal statement for medical school

I am marveled by the learning opportunities Internal Medicine provides since they seamlessly match with my zealous nature of searching for knowledge. In Internal Medicine, there is nothing as you have learned enough. The fact that you can make the right diagnosis and provide the appropriate treatment does not mean that you leave it there. I also believe in the sharing ideas and assisting medical students. Unlike other careers where mistakes are excused, medicine gives no room for such mistakes. It is a matter of life and death. Therefore, I have always wanted to share what I experience while dealing with patients. In doing so, the students will avoid learning from experience because a patient gets worse or dies in every lesson learned from experience.

My career journey started years back when I joined natural science in my tenth grade. From my eight to twelfth grades, I always enjoyed teaching biology, mathematics, chemistry, and physics despite my tender age. Later, I joined medicine school, where I had a chance to learn through clinical rotations. During my clinical rotation, I had a chance to interact with a patient who inspired me to take internal medicine. The patient, who was a senior patient, had fallen ill suffering from drug interaction. The patient had suffered heart attack after mixing different types of medications. I appreciated the need to work in a hospital setting and manage search patients. The learner in me could not fathom all the concepts in differential medicine that I was getting to learn first-hand. With so much curiosity, I would embrace the challenge of looking at symptoms and figuring out the etiology.

I choose Internal Medicine because I would love to become the most competent doctor in my world. The clinical rotation provided me with the requisite skills to handle a patient effectively but my interaction with so many different types of people makes me give it the best. I love university hospitals because they help me impact knowledge in my small ways through my voluntary commitments. My ultimate goal is to build a healthy and positive society.

In summary, working in a hospital setting that serves a learning institution is exactly where I belong. For me, the venture is just part of what I have been doing since grade six. As I am preparing for my residency, I know Internal Medicine is the most intellectually stimulating option out there.

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