Free Essay Sample on Launching a Restaurant

Published: 2019-10-29
Free Essay Sample on Launching a Restaurant
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What is the relationship between your logo and your restaurant concept?

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A concept is devised to appeal to a targeted group of people while a logo may also be designed to serve the same purpose.

List five factors that together help formulate a restaurant


The environment

The menu

The building and its interior and exterior decor

Management and staffs

Can a particular site be wrong for one restaurant, write for another? Explain

The location and accessibility of a restaurant is one of the major factors that form a concept. This will strictly depend on the type of restaurant you intend to put up and the clients it will attract. If the restaurant is designed for a certain group of people or personalities, then it will be wise to consider a place that is appealing to them only. A restaurant that is targeting certain professionals should be placed within that sphere to enable the ease of access. Those professionals who work in offices will require a quick lunch and go back to work hence they require something not far from there.

Chapter 4

How would your prioritize the consideration in menu planning for your restaurant?

According to the needs and desire of guests in the target market

The needs and desires of the clients should be placed in consideration to avoid a situation where the clients cannot get what they intend to be served. The restaurant owner already knows the favorite dishes for his /her clients hence they should be placed in the menu.

Capability of cooks

The capability of cooks to prepare the food is a matter of concern when designing a menu for your restaurant. The question is, are there qualified chefs who can prepare the food to satisfy the clients needs? This should hence be considered when designing your menu.

Nutritional value of the food

The value of the food regarding its nutrients should be placed in consideration. The majority of the clients who visit your restaurant are more concerned with their health hence they will prefer something than add value to their health. Some may prefer sea foods to red meat because of its high nutritional value.

According to equipment and capacity

The availability of enough resources to help in preparation of the dishes that you intend to include in the menu should be in place. This will help you decide accordingly.

Discuss how the equipment and menu must harmonize to create smooth operation.

Proper equipment should be installed to allow for desired menus that will likely appeal to the clients. When proper equipment is in place, it will ensure that the quality standards of food are never compromised e.g., refrigerators for storage. This will also ensure that the clients are served to their satisfaction and at the right time. With proper equipment in place, the service level will increase because each and every item will be located according to its function (Van Nostrand, 1993 P.270).

How seriously should restaurant operators become involved with the nutritional content of food the chefs serve?

This is because the clients have become increasingly concerned about nutrition. More people are aware of food and its nutritional components. They will try to avoid foods that are high in fats and cholesterols and choose a menu that has low-fat foods. The fact that majority of the population want a healthy diet is creating a higher demand for foods like fish and other sea foods will low sodium and cholesterols and lower the risk of heart diseases. This is why it is important for the operators to become more serious about nutrition.


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