HR Essay Sample: Challenges and Solutions of Recruitment and Selection

Published: 2018-11-06
HR Essay Sample: Challenges and Solutions of Recruitment and Selection
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The impending retirement of skilled manpower in the near future

The first problem that will adversely impact Steven's organization is the impending retirement of skilled manpower in the near future. This move is bound to see several managers from the organization that are baby boomers pack and leave with extensive knowledge and experience. The loss of such knowledge would result in lack of the necessary persons to handle sensitive positions in management and technical positions within the organizations (Poindexter, 2008). The organization needs to have a process whereby, before the exit of skilled workers, they will have listed the reasonable persons to replace them. This approach ensures that the organization will always have a team in place in case experienced individuals have to leave for various reasons.

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Another problem is the fact that Steven fails to communicate the availability of the vacant positions to a wider audience. Instead, the manager sits back and starts worrying on how the gaps will be filled after those in office leave. There are already vacancies in the organization that the manager would have advertised to generate possible candidates suitable for the job. The accumulating jobs will at one time become too many to find the proper persons to fill them. Word of mouth networking has proved to be a successful approach in dealing with non-communication in a company. The manager should pass the information to all workers in the organization who are entitled to share the information with their families and friends. In the short-run, the company will anticipate presentation of many application forms from which they will choose the suitable candidates to attend interviews.

Lastly, there is the problem of finding the appropriately skilled persons in a declining population of the workforce. The current workforce is on the decline and the probability of sourcing the right person with the skills needed in the positions to fall vacant will be small. Therefore, in a rush to get people to replace, the manager may end up choosing the wrong persons for the job. Also, the limited skilled individuals are often being poached by the private sector due to attractive remunerations that the public entities cannot match (Trahant & Yearout, 2008). With such a risk, the organization will have a tough session during recruitment and selection. A majority of those who will consider such positions will probably be the desperate and semi-skilled individuals. The organization may deal with the situation by ensuring that they continuously train the current workforce in preparation of the next exit of the skilled workers. This method is suitable in that the company will always be prepared to hand over the responsibility to skilled workers who are familiar with the workplace instead of recruiting persons who will need further training before they catch up with the functionality of the organization.

Recommendations for Attracting Candidates from Diverse Cultures

An organization needs to comprise of people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. By so doing, the organization becomes more productive and embraces ideologies from various places. Although diversity may, at times, bring problems to the organization, its advantages are numerous. Bringing people of different backgrounds to work in the same institutions is challenging and needs the right approach for it to work. The rise of globalization has been a significant boost in the cultural diversification in organizations. Steven needs to be open-minded to the issue of diversity since the organization cannot develop through the reliance of people on one culture and also gives the organization a larger pool of characters to recruit. The integration of diverse can be achieved through evaluation of current team to identify the missing links, assessing own biases, and comprehending what entails cultural diversity. Also, the company may wish to create a mentoring program that enables them to identify the champions for every generation (Llore & Kollough, 2007). Managers must learn to accept that there are young individuals who are also skilled and have relevant experience that can match that of the older individuals.

Through the evaluation of the current workforce, the manager can record the characteristics of the staff as at that time. During the conduction of the assessment, there are various questions that a manager should assess such areas as the current strengths in cultural diversity in the organization and the means of building on the strengths. Also, the manager should look into the challenges that deter the organization from achieving the diversity and how they can be addressed. On the other hand, assessing ones’ biases is also an important aspect in promoting cultural diversity in the organization. Everyone has their preferences even in the workplace which people are mostly unaware they exist. Individuals think that it is okay to act in their preferred way when in reality they are creating biases. As a manager, one may have the urge to assess their behavior to establish whether they have embedded on people from particular cultural backgrounds and left out others. Finally, the manager must ensure to have they are detailed on what cultural diversity entails. They must be aware of the different races, religions, and ethnic groups that exist and need representation in the organization.

Strategic Human Resource Management Plan

Various solutions exist for solving labor-related issues. A strategic personnel planning helps to enhance an organization’s awareness on when and where to allocate resources. Labor shortages can also happen in situations whereby the request for the market economy supply of workers falls below the demand. The latter is what Steven's organization is facing, and application of a robust means to deal with the situation is recommended. Government institutions are known to give unsatisfactory amounts of pay to their workers. Therefore, the majority of the limited workers find it suitable to find better livelihoods for themselves in the private sector. Only a few persons choose to join the public services. Strategic human resource management calls for the formulation of the system that allows public entities to deal with the low supply of workers.

The firm may start by using appropriate tools to seek the attention of as many suitable candidates as possible. Steven lacks the necessary momentum to send the information to other parts of the country so that there is the possibility of gaining the necessary workforce. Also, the company must outline the requirements of suitable candidates to avoid the delay in replacement of the workforce. It may also find it necessary to include, in the human resource management plan, the creation of forums that allow employees to interact and connect away from their daily duties. This program allows the employees to learn from each other and identify common experiences and mutual perspectives that are suitable for creating collective insights (Llorens & Kellough, 2007).


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