What Does Coleman Pride Mean To You?

Published: 2019-09-13
What Does Coleman Pride Mean To You?
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People live in particular societies where they can be involved in economic and social development. It remains to be the responsibility of the community members to ensure that they stay in a decent and civilized society in which human rights and freedoms have been adhered to and generally, the constitution. My home community is Coleman, and it has been my source of comfort because of its culture of togetherness, the value for education, sporting activities, and the various economic activities including farming and entrepreneurship.

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In Michigan, there are different rural towns, but my community is distinct and can be defined by its bride. Even if most of the small towns in Michigan practice agriculture, Coleman can only be ranked among the best because of its diversity. This has made me remain committed to the economic and social development of the country and being a sovereign citizen, willing to maintain law and order. Additionally, it has been possible for me to continue my education even if there are some challenges. The culture of fostering education has been of importance to me because I always receive the necessary support from by family, making it possible for not only me, but also other members of the community in advancing their educational career.

Because of its supportive environment, I will endeavor to remain committed to its economic and social development in various ways. For instance, I do take it as my responsibility to ensure that I have become a role model for my juniors. I always observe the communally accepted standards of behavior, as this is the best alternative for me. Additionally, I consider it appropriate to initiate programs for environmental conservation, and this includes maintenance of the drainage system. I do understand that the drainage system is imperative in ensuring that rainwater does not lead to floods and soil erosion. If this does not comply with, it will not be possible for the Coleman community to prevent the possibility of floods that mainly leads to the destruction of property and even deaths. Additionally, as a community that depends on agricultural production, it is necessary to initiate programs meant to maintain the road network, more so the feeder roads. These types of roads are usually neglected as leaders embark on the construction and maintenance of the major ones, leading to the inability of the farmers to transport their produce to the market in the time given that they are perishable.

My aim is to maintain Coleman Pride as it is significant to my life and career development. It is true that that for me to develop my career, it is necessary to follow the culture of the community by joining one of the best universities Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU). At the University, my primary objective will be studying a degree in education because I consider it appropriate for the community's development. An education degree will enlighten me with the necessary skills that can enable me to get in touch with a diverse of students who I will be assisting to achieve their educational dreams. Additionally, it will be a significant step in ensuring that the educational culture of the community has been maintained. If not, it will be difficult for Coleman community to preserve its pride and I will feel guilty to have not fostered such an important culture.

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