Wellness on Tobacco. Free Essay Example.

Published: 2020-03-30
Wellness on Tobacco. Free Essay Example.
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Tobacco is reportedly one of the most abused substances in the world. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCs) estimates that nearly 20% of adults in the world continue to smoke. Most of them start smoking as tender adolescents. Smoking of tobacco is also one of the most addictive habits since tobacco is designed to be addictive. However, it is more addictive at a tender age than when one is already grown adult. (Lynch, Bonnie, & Youths., 2012)Statistics shows that three out of fourteen adolescents who start smoking continue to smoke to adulthood. Half of the population that continues to smoke, however, tries to quit smoking unsuccessfully due to the consequences that are due as one attempts to stop smoking.

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Typically, tobacco is made to be addictive to the users. Nevertheless, it is important to note that tobacco products that are made today are more addictive and have a higher impact on the health of the users than those produced in the early 1960s. Tobacco contains nicotine which when absorbed into the blood activates the body hormones of happiness called dopamine. Repeated use nicotine, therefore, makes the activation of dopamine-dependent on it. Therefore, one seems to be dull once he/she have not had a puff or two or even chewed tobacco. This behavior leads to both physical and psychological addiction. Products like cigarettes deliver more nicotine and even faster than other tobacco products to the brain. They contain chemicals like ammonia that makes it possible for the nicotine to move faster to the brain.

Tobacco companies also ensure to make them attractive by giving them a proper design that is especially attractive to the youth. They have to use their wealth of tactics to ensure that beginners continue to use these products either for fun or to satisfy their body cravings. For example, they give them the smell of chocolate to make them appealing to them. The smell is meant to mask the harmful effects that smoking of tobacco has on the health of users.

Evidence shows that the models of cigarettes have been changing over the last five decades and new models such as low tar cigarettes, filtered and light variations have been developed. However, this does not alter the impact cigarettes have on the users. So it does not matter the model of the cigarette, the impacts are still as harsh as those of any other. A report of a research conducted by Charity on cigarettes (Boyle & al, 2010) reveal that cigarettes nowadays are dangerous than ever. The report informs of an infographic reveal that cigarettes has bronchodilators that have chemicals that make the lungs airways expand and thus tobacco smoke can pass with ease to the lungs. Secondly, cigarettes have methanol that cools and numbs the throat to reduce irritation and make the smoke feel smoother. It has other chemicals such as sugars and acetaldehyde, levunilic acid, ammonia compounds, tobacco-specific nitrosamines most of which are meant to reduce the harshness of nicotine on the users.

Lots of campaigns have been running to ensure that everyone especially the youth are aware of the side effects of smoking both health wise, socially and economically. Many individual who were initially addicts have come out to give their real life experiences as smokers and what they had to do so as to quit finally smoking and embark on the usual and independent lifestyles.

Tiffany is an American girl whose mother died of smoking. She had also gotten into this habit deeply. She says, I had gotten to a point where I didnt like smoking anymore, but I longed for cigarettes. If I ran out, I would grope irritably through drawers and purse or even ask neighbors for a cigarette. I felt like nothing would alleviate my irritation except a cigarette. I was addicted. (National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, 2013) Eventually, she was able to come over this situation and started leading a normal life. This shows that it is possible to quit smoking, and it should act as a challenge to those who are still smoking. She had to make a difference since her mother died of smoking so it would be a shame for her to die of the same. She advises those who continue to smoke that they should understand that smoking causes an addiction and they should all the resources available for them to fight this behavior.

Mariano was yet another smoker who has successfully made it quit smoking. He had been smoking two packets of cigarette a day. Even before he could move from the body when he woke up, he had to smoke. He would do it after two hours and at times he thought that he needed it to get aspired to do his work. He later realized that this was just out of addiction.

There are a plenty of reasons why one should quit smoking. For example, quitting smoking lowers the risk of lung cancer, heart diseases, respiratory problems (such as sneezing coughing, wheezing and short breath) among others. It also reduces the likelihood of infertility for women who are at reproductive stage among others.


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