My Path to Advanced Practice - Personal Statement Essay Example

Published: 2022-05-05
My Path to Advanced Practice - Personal Statement Essay Example
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When I was 28 years old, I relocated to the United States to stay with my grandmother who was terminally ill. Since I am the oldest girl, I had more responsibility helping my mother who was a home health aide to take care of my sickly grandmother because she did not have full access to medical benefits. During this span, I discovered my calling was to be a nurse so that I could aid the sick people to get better. Through that experience, I nurtured my caring and empathetic personality that strengthened my emotional stability, quick thinking, and ability to stay focused on a task. I pursued my dream of becoming a nurse by ultimately earning my Bachelor's degree. After returning to my home country in 2015, I had a brief encounter with the sick and elderly patients who were desperately in need of advanced nursing skills. As such, my primary professional goal is to be a trusted advanced practice nurse with a culturally sensitive, family-centered, preventative approach to healthcare.

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My objective in pursuing graduate studies is to become a credible leader in the nursing profession by advancing my clinical knowledge by acquiring skills for working with the sick to prevent the onset of chronic diseases. In this academic pursuit, I will gain expert guidance from faculty for my research interest into chronic diseases. In that, as an FNP I will get involved in the clinical treatment of patients and provide comfort and relief to the patients as well as solving problems with subsequent recommendations of decisions to physicians.

I would like to make a difference in a community by helping to create a new healthcare facility, to promote disease prevention, and focus on drug and alcohol abuse. Notably, I work in the Emergency Room where I encounter several addicts every day. One day I had a 16-year-old patient who came to the ER for suicidal ideation and was not talking to anyone. I checked on him regularly, and when my shift was about to end, I went to do my last round. His brief replied, "Okay, Goodnight," prompted me to take the opportunity to question him about his suicidal thoughts. He opened up to me and conveyed that he wanted to kill himself because he felt as though he was betraying his mother, and the reason why he took cocaine was due to the influence of his friends. Today I feel so proud for talking to him because he has never gone back into the hospital for suicidal ideation and is now a college graduate. I share this story with you because I am humbled that I was able to help someone in the best way that I could.

The mission of your institution is based on a commitment to meeting the healthcare needs of a complex and culturally diverse society, and this aligns well with my future goals. Nonetheless, as a graduate of the Family Nurse Practitioner program at LIU, I will have an increased scope of practice and greater autonomy to practice locally and internationally. I believe that LIU School of Nursing offers an innovative academic learning experience, high research-intensive environment, inter-professional collaboration, and excellent graduate certification test scores. All of these attributes make it the ideal learning institution for furthering my studies and achieving my goal of becoming an advanced practice nurse.

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