Esay on Weather and Aviation: How Location Impacts Flight Patterns.

Published: 2023-10-13
Esay on Weather and Aviation: How Location Impacts Flight Patterns.
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Weather is a significant determinant in the aviation sector. During what is considered as the best atmospheric condition, aeroplanes may still experience difficulties during a flight. Thus, it is evident that weather directly affects the patterns of a flight. Different geographical locations influence weather patterns differently and hence subsequently affecting the aviation (Coffel & Horton, 2015). This paper will discuss how different geographic locations are affected by weather and the impact of the weather on aviation.

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According to the Windrose chart, the average wind speed is around 7. 2mph. The eastern part of the united states is mostly calm. The western united states region; is the northwest and southwest, and the west has wind blowing towards the direction at a speed of averegely10-15mph (Grewe et al., 2017). This element of the weather is very likely to affect the aviation patterns in the region. The frequency or the wind speed is most likely as a result of certain geographical features.

In the Santa Barbara Municipal Airport, the geographical feature closes a steep coastal range mountain that slants towards the east-facing the Pacific Ocean. In the Friedman Memorial airport in Hailey, Idaho is located in a valley between two mountains 5300ft. The other airport is a Northern Colorado regional airport close to the elevated terrain on the lee side of high mountains (Coffel & Horton, 2015). High altitude has an impact on flights, high elevations on days when the temperatures and humidity are so high may result in flying to even higher altitudes.

In the Friedman memorial airport, it is located in a valley enclosed by two mountains that are 5300ft. The area has predictable weather patterns, for example, experiences winds between March and September, with an average wind speed of 7.0mph. Humidity varies between day and night. Precipitation is also a factor where it rains averagely for 8.2months and snow for 2.4 months.

In Santa Barbara municipal airport, the precipitation patterns, such as the wetter season, last for about 4.4 months. The drier months are lasting for atleast7.6months a year. However, the place's humidity remains almost constant throughout the year (Grewe et al., 2017). The wind patterns last for about 4.8 months, with an average wind speed of 9. 5mph, in Northern Colorado for the forms of precipitation being rainfall and snowfalls between October to April. Winds blow at an average speed of 8.4 mph.

Weather patterns can affect an aeroplane's operations, elements such as rain, fog, and low clouds may decrease visibility and may subsequently disrupt flight schedules. Fast-rising and falling air currents make the travelling conditions unconducive. The change in precipitation may result in cancellation of flight, perhaps due to affected visibility(Coffel& Horton, 2017). Temperature changes may affect infrastructure, such as the runways, and have a significant adverse effect on an aircraft's general performance. Rising sea levels account for problems in the network; wind patterns lead to the rise of turbulences that tend to affect a flight.

In summary, weather patterns, which are a result of topography and the geographical position of a place, tend to affect flights in one way or another. Thus, topography should be a significant consideration in determining airports' location so as not to accrue damages.


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