Free Essay Example - Walmart Worst Company

Published: 2023-08-27
Free Essay Example - Walmart Worst Company
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Walmart is an American international retail firm that operates in a chain of hypermarkets and other forms of stores (Xin et al., 2017). The company was established in 1962 by Sam Walton, and headquarters is in Bentonville, Arkansas (Rao et al., 2010). Currently, the company has more than 11,700 retail stores, which are located in more than 28 nations (Rao et al., 2010). Usually, the company offers a wide collection of goods at different levels. In particular, the products range from furniture, groceries, appliances, hardware, sports, beauty products, health products, and much more (Lichtenstein & Johansson, 2011). As a way of improving its performance, the company allows customers to buy products in large quantities, thus giving a bigger discount.

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Even though Walmart is performing so well in the market, there are numerous attributes that make it a bad company. The company has been accused of exploiting and using children to provide labor, which violates human rights (Lichtenstein & Johansson, 2011). The issue is highly experienced, especially overseas such as Bangladesh, where workers are paid $ 37 per month (Rao et al., 2010). The company has been accused of neglecting pregnant employees, thus subject them to unhealthy conditions (Xin et al., 2017). Additionally, there are several accusations of discrimination on the bases of physical condition. The approach triggers wage theft, thus diminishing workers' abilities.

Currently, there are numerous government regulations that regulate the retailer sector. As such, retailers are supposed to engage in activities that protect consumers’ rights (Lichtenstein & Johansson, 2011). The regulation helps to control business from using misleading information, thus selling poor products. Retailers are supposed to observe employment and labor law, which regulates the kind of working environment, wages, and much more (Rao et al., 2010). Additionally, retailers are supposed to maintain and observe the advertising law, which controls the kind information that is deployed in the marketing.

In America, the government regulates the amount of money, and hour employees operate to avoid being exploited. As such, Walmart is required to pay workers a minimum of $ 7.5 per hour, and the price changes based on the working conditions (Rao et al., 2010). During the advertisement, the company is required to provide correct information to avoid misleading consumers. The law ensures all Americans are provided with enough information on different products before they purchase (Xin et al., 2017). Even though these regulations are meant to control the kind of activities a business engages, they impose several barriers that hinder companies’ performance (Lichtenstein & Johansson, 2011). For instance, the high labor wage in the country has highly hindered the growth of Walmart. Due to the barrier, the company has not managed to move to some states in the country.

In the field of business, Henri Fayol is a famous theorist that played a vital role in the improvement of management. In particular, Fayol established the theory of business administration (Edwards, 2018). As such, Fayol illustrated that business performance is highly influenced by internal management approaches (Edwards, 2018). As such, focusing on managerial practice highly impact the organization's efficiency.

For Walmart to overcome the numerous barriers, there is a need to introduce managerial approaches that will minimize the high cost of wages (Narula, 2020). The theory of administrative encourages the planning and organizing of activities in a manner that a business can effectively grow (Edwards, 2018). For instance, the company may decide to introduce robots in various departments, which will assist in reducing the cost of labor, thus assisting in forecasting future performance.


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