Walmart Highlights Sustainable Efforts - Article Review Essay Sample

Published: 2020-03-30
Walmart Highlights Sustainable Efforts - Article Review Essay Sample
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According to Souza (2013), in order to ensure that the products reach the consumers in the right time and condition the company has improved the operational efficiencies in their stores. First, the stores are well spread across the US and other parts of Europe. This ensures that the customers have easy access to products and can make purchases without any hindrances. Focusing on the sustainability of the supply chain, the company has been able to extend the range of services they offer while reaching out to many customers. By improving the operational efficiency and sustainability index, the company has the potential to benefit itself financially, improve the social lives of the employees, suppliers, and customers as well as reducing harm to the planet.

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The company strives to reduce costs in all its operations, improving product quality, create resilient and sustainable supply chain, integrate the laws and demands of sustainability in business of buying and selling merchandise and strengthening of customer trust. Walmart ensures that its products are less harmful to humans and the environment by reducing the chemical contents in them. It reduces the costs of operation by buying or leasing land and cultivating to produce products required by the business. In order to improve customer trust and relationship, the company ensures that all its customers are treated with dignity and that the products reach them in time. These products must not be of negative or harmful effect to them. Through all these, the Walmart Company has achieved a higher sustainability index in the industry and is achieving great goals on sustainability regardless of the few areas to be improved.


Souza, K. (2013). Wal-Mart highlights sustainable efforts. The City Wire. Retrieved:

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