W.L. Gore Company and Terri Kelly, The CEO - Leadership Essay Example

Published: 2022-04-04
W.L. Gore Company and Terri Kelly, The CEO - Leadership Essay Example
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Question 1

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W.L Gore Company is a private company that was founded in the year 1958 and has grown considerably, making the fortune list of companies. The company now has approximately 10,000 employees. As of 2013, the registered revenue for the company was $3.2 billion. The company also plays a key role in creating an inclusive environment through diversity.

Question 2

Terri Kelly is a considerate and accommodative CEO because of the level of diversity that she has embraced in her company. She is also keen and careful in the sense that she does not take up any ideas swiftly, contrary to Tony Hsieh. The problem with that is that lack of risk-taking in her part has played negatively to the company. The company has to be competitive and to achieve that, there must be risk-taking and quick decision making. She has also created a very flexible environment to work in. She has created a system or a program where a person can opt out of the normal system and opt back in if things do not work out well.

Question 3

The prevailing structure at W.L. Gore is geared towards working with employees' feedback. For example, the prevailing structure at Gore has its system upended to employee's feedback. In this sense, the company is accommodating all the employees into the mechanisms of decision making either directly or indirectly (Dubin, 2017). The Company has also made great strides regarding increasing the flexibility of employees' operations. That is, employees, can venture into the innovative space (Innovative Center of Expertise), and if that does not work out well, they are free to go back to the old system. Two concerns about the company are that it is quite slow in decision making and do not take risks.

Question 4

An innovative Center of Expertise is advantageous in the sense that it encourages innovation among the employees. In that case, the company will be able to exploit its fullest potential as human resource is concerned as (Carmeli, Gelbard & Gefen, 2010) purports. The study shows that innovation leadership both indirectly and directly, leads to enhancement of a firm's performance. That will also motivate employees to do better since they will be comfortable in their work environment. The disadvantage of this system is that it will be difficult to monitor and track prowess in work and performance.

Question 5

I think Terri Kelly is a skillful leader. Because she understands that the success and competitiveness of the company arise from the quality of services offered by the company. For the company to perform well regarding the production of quality services, the human resource needs to be equipped and motivated. In the long run, Terry is going to realize great success with her company because of a highly skilled workforce. Lauder, (2015), claims that there is a gap between education and economic development. Therefore, establishment of a talented workforce is the best way to clear the gap. She will only need to create a mechanism for monitoring and controlling performance, and the thresholds for opting in and out of the program.

Question 6

Changes within the Human Relations department have been made to be more inclusive and diverse. The processes are now geared towards creating an inclusive workforce that encourages participation of the minority group, including women. The process of recruitment is now devoid of gender-based indicators. Evaluation of employees' performance will then be based on the unique contributions that members bring to the table, and that is relevant for the growth and development of the company. That is beneficial for the company and Cheruvelil et al., (2014) backs that up appreciating the benefits of diversity that it helps members to be appreciative of diverse roles played by members and lead to improvement of team communication with the team members.

Question 7

If I were the CEO, I would modify the process of entry and exit of innovation Center of Expertise. Because slackness and tardiness on the part of employees might be encouraged if free entry and exit of employees are promoted. For instance, some employees might take advantage of the system, entering it in the name of innovation with a shady plan that is not even feasible, and then opt out after some time and repeat the cycle (Alviniussen&Jankensgard, 2015). Therefore, I will tighten the noose of the system such that efficiency, effectiveness, and seriousness is maintained.

Question 8

One main emphasis of Talent Masters is the ability to create competency through the ability to create self-renewing and a steady stream of leadership with talent as the main supplier of the edge (Newhall, 2015). That is what has been emphasized and promoted by W.L Gore, through major project shits and transformation. Such a project is the Innovation Center of Expertise that is aimed at creating and nurturing great talent among the employees.

Question 9

Promotion of talent and diversity among the employees is a priceless asset that cannot be lost (Cheruvelil et al., 2014). The direction of W.L Gore is quite resourceful and will ensure that the company establishes a firm base or foundation. Encouraging diversity through the recruitment process is also a good thing. However, the company will have to correct the problem of slow reactions and decision making on the part of management. Gore is also in danger of missing great opportunities because of its inability to take risks. This area will need to be corrected.


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