Essay Example - Virtual Learning Environments for ECDE Leadership

Published: 2023-03-29
Essay Example - Virtual Learning Environments for ECDE Leadership
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Early childhood education is very important for the academic journey of every individual as it provides the foundation for learning. Consequently, instructors in this academic area must be able to demonstrate adequate professionalism while handling children. The concept of ECDE leadership is therefore essential to prepare teachers to offer high-quality education to children. This enables teachers to stay current on the recognized concepts and practices of early childhood education, which they need to incorporate in their childhood education program (Gadzikowski, 2013). Virtual learning environments are applicable to facilitate this process for an efficient and cost-effective engagement in ongoing learning and development. The presentation, Family Forums/and Building a Social Media Presence by Dr Tisha Shipley, and the knowledge can be used to design, maintain, and lead a high-quality program.

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Main Points Presented the Presentation

The presentation presents the need for and the importance of building social and other forums for a high-quality ECDE program. According to, Shipley (2019), there is a need for building relationships with families which ensures child success and parent satisfaction. On the same note, there is a need for a family forum for teaching and learning social skills, which subsequently guarantees academic potential like math skills. Family forums are done on a timely basis; creating a time for each activity to be accomplished each month. The instructors need to embrace social engagement with parents but within the professional boundaries. This can be achieved in the various social media platforms like Face book, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

How the Learning has shaped my Existing Thinking

The information communicated in the presentation introduces a new idea that shapes my prior thinking. I was already aware that social networking between teachers and parents; however, a more comprehensive version is presented by the speaker. Shipley, D. (2019) encouraged teachers to go as far as creating online communication platforms for promoting a social relationship with the parents. Children also need to be connected even as young as they are to promote their learning.

The Application of the Knowledge to Achieve a High-Quality Program

The knowledge gained from the presentation is very resourceful to a leader in the ECDE program in many ways. For one, an individual can create a Face book page and Twitter accounts which serve as a virtual environment that brings together the teacher, parents and the pupils. The contribution of the parents will promote success in teaching kids. As a result, the parents will be satisfied in the end.

Additional Supporting Resources

Chan, A., and Ritchie, J: Parents, participation, partnership: Problematising New Zealand early childhood education

In the article, Chan and Ritchie (2016) argued that teachers should create an academic partnership with parents for better outcomes of the learning of their children. The authors of the article recognized that parents manage frequent contact with their children; therefore, understand them better. They can, therefore, participate by suggesting the best approaches teachers can use while teaching them.

Lara, L. and Saracostti, M. (2019): Effect of Parental Involvement on Children's Academic Achievement in Chile

Parent involvement is necessary to determine whether the interaction between teachers and children emerges a successful exercise. Lara and Saracostti (2019) suggested that consistent interaction between parents and children in the academic context solves the behavioural problems which would otherwise affect their leaning. Gadzikowski, A. (2013) added that teachers should be encouraged to create networking platforms through which they can discuss and incorporate changes to the academic life of every child.


Early childhood education requires more attention to give children a proper academic foundation. Advances in learning have suggested the incorporation of virtual learning environments that contribute directly to the learning of the children and the development of leadership among the professionals. The provisions of the use of such platforms strive to bring parents and teachers together for better learning outcomes of children.


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