Various Branding Touchpoints Used by Under Amour to Reinforce the Brand - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-12-16
Various Branding Touchpoints Used by Under Amour to Reinforce the Brand - Essay Sample
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Under Amour has taken the world by storm, as the company continues to grow, despite numerous competitors, such as Nike and Adidas, muscling their way for the top position. The success of the company has been built on an array of elements, such as concentrating on the market demographics, as well as venturing into new lucrative markets. Some of the new markets that have helped reshape the company’s name include the female market, which has been amplified by the increased number of females subscribing to gym memberships. Never the less, the company’s success has also been reshaped by various branding touchpoints that lure the customers to associate themselves with the brand. Therefore, the analysis seeks to elucidate on numerous touchpoints established by Under Amour on its retail locations, as well as the online reinforcement to help drive its piece of the pie in the market.

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According to Aaker (2013), brand touchpoint can be defined as an interactive avenue that helps guide and expose products to the customer, as a way of diversifying the brand image of a company. Brand touchpoints play a vital role in customers, as it helps to engage the customers with the brand. As a result, consumers are drawn closer to learning the brand and its specification. Under Amour understands the essence of branding touchpoints as a way of boosting its revenue. The firm has utilized numerous concepts of branding touchpoints to help diversify its products across the global market.

Right away from its doorsteps, when a customer walks into an Under Amour store, a client feels the warm welcome and an energetic atmosphere that draws the consumers. Despite the stunning appearance of the stores, Under Amour’s staff members play a vital role in helping the customers to navigate around, making the customers’ success.

Under Amour uses the Customer experience segments framework as a tool of branding touchpoint on its website. The concept helps to group different products according to consumer specifications. In this case, a customer can access products they desire, easily, as well as transitioning to other products they wish for on the website. Through this, consumers can shop multiple products with ease, which makes it simple for both returning and new customers.

As a way of keeping up with the pace of competition, Under Amour uses the Four P’s/Marketing Mix as a basic framework for enhancing the touchpoints. The company produces a series of innovative products that have remained to be competent in the market, ranging from golf shirts to tannins clothing. Under Amour has remained iconic on its products, a concept that has placed a vital role on the brand.

As a way of enhancing branding touchpoint, under amour has expanded globally, increasing its stores. The essence of increasing its stores is to help drive products closer to the consumers’ doorsteps. According to Pratap, (2019), Under Amour operates more than 188 stores, through different websites, with 150 stores being located in North America. The diversification of the stores helps guarantee customers a steady supply of products.

Under Amour utilizes value-based pricing to determine the product price to the consumers. As a result, this reduces the possibility of raising competition for the firm. As a result, the firm increases the value to customers and what they are willing to pay.

Under Amour utilizes different promotion concepts to drive the brand. As a means of marketing, the firm, under Amour utilizes different concepts such as endorsement, to help associate the brand with celebrities. In the world of basketball, Under Amour has widely invested in celebrity endorsement to help push for the sales. Never the less the company has also participated in sponsorship events in the quest to push for brand awareness. Through this, the company has created a positive image of the brand, helping to draw in more loyal customers.


Under Amour utilizes different branding touchpoint frameworks such as the customer experience segment and the four P’s/Marketing matrix to increase the brand’s interaction with its customers. The marketing concepts have helped reshape the firm and increase customer interaction, both through its website and physical stores. On the contrary, the firm has utilized numerous websites such as Amazon to sell its products, rather than dwelling only on its website.


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