Free Essay: Using and Disclosing Personal Health Information

Published: 2023-09-14
Free Essay: Using and Disclosing Personal Health Information
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The policies used in this paper are sourced from the New South Wales Government website (NSW Government). The policies can be accessed using the link to the website provided below. These documents are found by typing "health policies and procedures" on the Google search engine of the computer. The most reputable source is selected from the results found.

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Question 1.2

The job role of a nurse will be detailed in this paper, and the policy chosen is “Using and disclosing personal health information”. Nurses are tasked with the responsibility of caring for patients with different kind of health problems, their records, and data. Such problems include infectious diseases, HIV/AIDS, and other sensitive issues such as drug addiction, sexual health issues, and additional general health information about lifestyle.

Question 1.3

Sharing such sensitive information with an authorized person may lead stigmatization of the patient in the society. More so, the patient may develop stress which consequently leads to other complications such as depression. The consequences for such a policy breach are for the patient to be compensated for damage caused and legal action taken against the nurse or the organizations concerned. Therefore, such incidences of shared sensitive health information should be reported. On the contrary, an organization may obtain consent from the patient before sharing such information with other organizations. If permission is not received, the patient can sue the organization for sharing such information.

Task 2

Regularly washing your hands is one of the most effective techniques to prevent the spread of disease-causing microorganisms like bacteria, fungus and viruses. The best effective way to wash hands is to follow the following procedure, as shown in the picture below. Also, make sure that you rub the hands with soap and running water for at least twenty seconds for all the germs to die.

Task 2.2

There are many platforms in which I would circulate my hand hygiene document in the community. The best way to distribute the bronchure is by use of social media platforms like Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms. The material can also be printed and posters placed strategically in places where the public can easily access and read, such as in the hospital noticeboards. However, in some cases, one has to seek permission from the local authority to put the posters or post the document in social media.

Task 3

Question 3.1

Yes! The position description has detailed the industry concerned and the award classification for the role of a nurse practitioner. The information on where to get more info is also provided and the link to the NWS website provided. Information for industry standards is also provided. However, there is no information on the award rates offered in the position descriptions seen.

Question 3.2

One of the role and responsibilities detailed in the position description is “to ensure a patient-centered practice and deliver education on clinical issues to patients and carers within the clinical environment". As such, nurse practitioners are licensed and independent practitioners who practice their duties autonomously following the NWS guidelines. Due to the sensitive nature of their work accreditation is essential in ensuring high-level competency in providing health care.

Question 3.3

The nurse practitioner is required to cooperate with all the other health care professionals like pathologists, pediatrics, surgeons, nurse unit manager, and all other professionals in the health care industry to provide high-quality services. Therefore, the nurse will have to deal will different levels and sectors of the health industry. More so, the nurse practitioner is expected to work closely with other professionals of different levels such as high-ranked managers, as well as those who are at the lowest level and rank in the industry.

Question 3.4

There are many issues that a nurse practitioner may encounter in the process of duty performance. The most dangerous one is job hazards that put the life of the nurse at risk. For example, one is exposed to infected body fluids and sharp objects. Another issue is the lack of enough time with patients. This problem arises due to understaffing, which forces the nurses to have a short time with the patients. Consequently, understaffing leads to work overload to the nurses, most of who feel overwhelmed by the job. Also, when I identify an area that needs improvement in the organization as a nurse, I would inform the nurse unit manager immediately for action.

Question 3.5

To continue with the role of a nurse practitioner, one needs to develop skills in, creative and critical thinking, excellent communication, commitment to professional development and research activities. Besides, one needs to have the ability to undertake clinical service planning. The information on how to set goals and plan for skills can be sourced from the more experienced professionals in the health industry. Moreover, such information can also be retrieved from guidebooks and journals related to the health industry. Future work goals should be focused on providing high-quality, patient-centered health services.


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