Essay Example Dedicated to Change

Published: 2022-08-01
Essay Example Dedicated to Change
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Change is inevitable and a vital thing in life. It occurs in businesses, relationships and in careers. This happens so that these organizations can survive and thrive. The greatest fear among people is the fear of the unknown, the fear of change thus mechanisms of dealing with change are necessary. People fear changes for several reasons, some of these reasons being, the fear of failure, successor rejection. People crave to have certainty in most of their deeds since occurrences of change are dehumanizing and it can lead to decreased levels of performance or even lower memory. Change should not always bring with it fear or anxiety as it mostly does. Change is normal. To positively overcome changes it is necessary to follow the following steps.

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First of all, the change should be identified and acknowledged. Here, the person recognizes and accept that a change has occurred. Second is to face the fears that come with the change and know how you will defuse the emotional anxiety (Alberti & Emmons, 2017). Third, you confront your feelings and ask for support if it is necessary. The number four step is to remove the fearful thoughts and replace them with positive ones. This will help you deal with the change in a positive way. The change should not to pull you back but act as a milestone to your success.

Flexibility while dealing with change is the fifth step. The person becomes open and flexible to the new challenges and approaches them with an open attitude of learning from the new tasks even if it happens that you do not like new systems in the organization. In the sixth step of dealing with the change, you become the part of the shift (Alberti & Emmons, 2017). You have already adapted to the new challenges and tasks brought about by the change. The seventh step is to communicate the change. Communication is usually critical while dealing with the change. The next step is to reduce stress and anxiety so that you can focus on being active and more resilient. Next is to have the sense of the value you have to yourself and to the organization (Cameron & Green, 2015). This will help you work extra hard and be able to overcome failure. You do not deserve to fail. The last step is to continue with your usual work and have a look at the bigger picture.

In the story of, "Who Moved My Cheese" I relate with mice Scurry and Sniff. The two can survive the change. This is due to that when they realize what has happened they take it with ease and go to look for another source of the same cheese (Cameron & Green, 2015). They make the erosion of the first cheese like a regular thing that should occur, and this helps them much since they are not that much affected it as compared to their colleagues who were devastated of hunger. Scurry and Sniff can locate another source of cheese and continue with their lives as usual.

These two, in order to deal with the imposed change successfully, they do their things on the basis of; ego, self-actualization, safety, and survival needs. My current adopted strategy has to realize a positive change in my life. In cases of any occurrence of change, I follow the above steps correctly until the shift turns from being a challenge but a milestone to my success. Next is to have sense of the value you have to yourself and to the organization (Cameron & Green, 2015). This will help you work extra hard and be able to overcome failure, you do not deserve to fail. The last step is to continue with your normal work and have a look on the bigger picture.


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