Free Essay Sample: Microsoft as a Marketing Success

Published: 2019-09-06
Free Essay Sample: Microsoft as a Marketing Success
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Microsofts success and its dominance in the personal computers and software industry all over the world are enough evidence and can only be attributed to its successful marketing strategies. Microsoft has set a trend for other companies in this industry by developing new strategies that they can emulate in marketing their products. The use of Network advertising, Consistent product unveilings, learning and adjusting, follower strategy, developing brand fairness, developing a cash cow, creating products that are easy to use and being focusing on the customer are among the marketing approaches used by Microsoft that has positively influenced its success and hence proving Microsoft to be a Marketing success.

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Microsoft current strategies:

Microsofts old strategy is being replaced by Nadellas laser-focused current strategy of mobile first, cloud first. This strategy is aimed at an effort by Nadella to improve the corporate focus on principal business. Microsoft Inc. has also proclaimed a change in its charting services and promotion medium. Microsoft Company and its employees should be revolutionizing, improving and selling, it being originally a software company. With these current strategies, Microsoft has definitely relocated itself for a better future.

Microsoft strategic direction:

As times change, so has Microsoft. Personal technology has changed from being an idea to a routine involvement, reaching and linking billions of people. Microsoft strategic direction is in order to capture their production and operations the technology trends and competition from other companies. New strategies focus on generating related devices and services for companies and individuals that allow people globally who are home-based, at work or on the go for the undertakings that they value most. The recent strategic move in Microsoft is to develop best-in -class stages and efficiency services for a mobile-first, cloudfirst world. This is to be achieved through capitalizing in interrelated drives that constitute reinventing productivity and business practices, building the intelligent cloud platform and creating more personal computing.

Microsoft leadership and culture:

Microsofts leadership and culture have constantly changed over time. The current CEO today is Satya Nadella. Microsoft has before Nadella, been led by Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer. Culture, however, is not stagnant and it changes every day based on the conduct of everybody in an organization, In reference to this, Microsoft has taken action in response to the changing culture through inventing new concepts, implementing their strategies, making hard decisions in areas where things fail to work and resolving problems in means that drive consumer importance. Microsoft upholds that culture is what other people perceive it to be and consequently has put in place a lot of those things as well as maintaining a perpetual drumbeat that is to be what other people say.

Microsoft largest competitors today:

Microsoft has faced competition from renowned technology companies in the industry. The main competitors are Apple, Goggle, IBM, SAP and Oracle. Microsoft faces pressure in all areas of its operations; software and hardware, and the pressure comes from a varied mix of technology corporations. Microsoft Windows operating system receives opposition from various software products and from substitute platforms and devices largely from Apple and Goggle. Microsoft phones face opposition mainly from Apple. However, Apple has since surpassed Microsoft in terms of scope and deals among technology companies hence attaining more market share that is muchmore than that of Microsoft.

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