Unveiling Perspectives: A Qualitative Study on Compensating College Athletes

Published: 2023-12-16
Unveiling Perspectives: A Qualitative Study on Compensating College Athletes
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The research methods appropriate in this research proposal are qualitative due to the nature and scope of this research. The qualitative approach allows the researcher to obtain responses quickly when asking college students on their take regarding the compensation of college athletes. The research methods he used face to face interviewing, which essentially involves asking the participants questions regarding the topic statement.

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The research will incorporate face to face interviewing because its one of the best means to get the actual perspectives of the participants (Tobi & Kampen,2018). This kind of interviewing allows the researcher to have a close dialogue with the participants while asking formal and informal questions. Interviews to be used in this research will offer in-depth responses, unlike any other form of obtaining data.

To ensure that the correct responses are obtained, the questions to be asked will reflect on the topic statement and utilize a language that the participants can easily understand. Some of the questions that the participants will be asked include; should the college athletes be paid, should male athletes be paid equally with female athletes, and the pros and cons of paying the athletes. After obtaining the responses and identifying those students who are in favor of paying athletes and those in not, I will utilize a chart to tally the votes.


The target study group in this research are college athletes who participate in the three top-level games such as baseball and men’s and women basketball. The participants in this research project will be drawn from various colleges. The participants will be selected using a convenient sampling technique.

Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria

The inclusion criteria in this study are college athletes whose ages range between 18-22. These athletes are both male and female and must be participating in the revenue sports. The revenue sports are basketball, both genders, and football. The college athletes must also be active in the sports they participate in to meet the inclusion criteria. Athletes that participate in sports that do not generate revenue for their teams or respective colleges will be excluded from the research. Moreover, all athletes in the study must fall in the above age bracket.

Sampling size, Sampling Method, and Recruitment strategy

The most appropriate sample size in this research is 30. Sample size selection is crucial to obtain the best results from a research project. Some factors were considered when determining this sample size. These factors include the design of the study, the level of significance, the general sample population, and the sampling method utilized (Taherdoost, 2016). The participants in this study will be selected randomly from various college athletic teams. The participants will be drawn on a random sampling method. It is crucial that an appropriate way of sampling obtain the best sample in this research.

Another method that is appropriate in this research is convenience sampling. Convenience sampling has quite several advantages, which include: simplifies the process of recruiting participants in a study, less expensive method of obtaining a response, and very efficient in this kind of research. The recruitment strategy to be used is merely through face to face interactions. However, in the case face to face interactions do not yield much, flyers and recruitment notes may be used.


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