Unveiling Challenges: Poor Funding and Teaching in the American Education System - Paper Sample

Published: 2023-11-10
Unveiling Challenges: Poor Funding and Teaching in the American Education System - Paper Sample
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Overall American Education System

Over the years, the American education system has offered various choices for both local and international students. Poor teaching and poor funding produce intellectual students. Poor teaching and poor funding are mainly caused by the education system that influences the performance of a student. The thesis paper is to address the American education system and how inadequate funding and poor teaching is producing unintelligent student

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The education system comprises various arrays of choices, locations, programs, and schools. The students are given a decision to pursue their dream courses. For any student to be a success in the process of learning, there is a need to understand the American education system. In the earlier stages, the method comprises primary and secondary education (Spring). Before higher education, a younger American citizen attended primary and secondary school. The two system takes about 12 years which refers to first through twelfth grades.

In the United States, a child begins to attend school when they are around six years old. The primary school is often called an elementary school. After finishing primary education, a child is allowed to proceed to secondary school. In this context, the secondary school has two programs, namely “middle school” and “high school.” After completing 12th, the United States student may attend either university or college. In essence, the university or college is called “higher education.”

In college or university, there exist specific criteria used in the grading system. In this case, an American is expected to submit their academic transcripts as a requirement to apply for admission chances in colleges and universities. Ideally, an academic transcript is a copy of the student’s academic performance. Here, academic achievements are measured using the grade point average. In the United States, the academic calendar commences and ends between August –June and September and June, respectively. In colleges and universities, the two-term is referred to as “semesters.”

There are several issues associated with the American education system since it is viewed to be flawed by the people around the educational sector. The first factor that causes the education system to be seen as failing is poverty. Low-income families are unable to satisfy their basic needs, and therefore they can't provide education, a secondary need for their children (Spring). This being so, the children who are supposed to be in school are not able to access education since their parents are unable to take care of the costs associated with education. In the instances where the parents can squeeze in some money to take their children to school, they are unable to provide them with quality education. Therefore they end up taking their children to overcrowded schools that have few resources available for the use by the children, hence making it impossible for the children to access the required quality of education as stipulated by the government.

Secondly, the school system in America is underfunded. The government does not provide enough funding for the schools in the country. Therefore it is impossible to provide the needed facilities and equipment to support the education of children in the country. When education systems are underfunded, the facilities needed, like classrooms, will not be improved in size and quality to support education. Therefore it would be impossible to satisfy the needs of the students if the facilities like classrooms and laboratories are not funded. It is also the issue with underfunding that creates problems with developmental programs such as building more public schools since the majority of the children are enrolled in public school systems (Spring). Through underfunding from the government, there are also instances of understaffing in the school system. Therefore the teacher-to-student ratio is wanting, making the teachers overloaded with work and unable to give their maximum to the students that they are in charge of. It would also be impossible for the teachers to give their best to the students since the school systems are underfunded, and therefore the materials that they would need to make the best out of their students are not provided.

The school systems in America also face the challenge of a lack of enough technology to help the education system to operate smoothly. The American school system is underfunded and therefore makes it impossible for the inclusion of technology in the school system (Spring). This means that the public school system is still operating on the analog ways of learning, which makes it hard for the people concerned to provide the best outcomes from the things that they have been provided with. It is also through the lack of inclusion of technology in the educational sector that has continued to fail in tracking different aspects of their students effectively, hence making the students not to get the needed attention from the school systems.

Some schools may be lowlily equipped with resources making research and other extensive studies difficult. For instance, a school that has advanced technology usually produces top-quality professionals compared to schools with inadequate technological facilities. If a school is poorly funded, teachers are not motivated to work in such an environment. In essence, if a teacher’s morale is very low, the level of productivity becomes very low. Therefore, teachers may offer poor services to the students.

Funding is critical for student performance. For instance, increased spending on learning contributes to better student results. If a state invests in its public schools by creating adequate, equitable finance systems is enhanced. Student performance arises by making a positive impact on students from low-income families (Spring). A high-quality early learning childhood program s can be realized by spending wisely on evidence-based interventions.

Students from low-income earning communities can only pursue less access to the core academic services by increasing the student results. Funding is needed to improve exposure to rigorous performance, quality teachers, and early childhood education. Funding from federal, state, and district governments plays a significant role in ensuring equity in learning.

The education system could benefit from political and strategic changes in the education sector. For example, the government could improve the issues associated with the funding of the school systems. If the government can improve the budgeting allocations to the school systems, it would go a long way in improving the school system of America and therefore make the possibility of the students in the system prosper in their educational commitments and future lives even better (Spring). Additionally, if the educational system is funded, then the school systems will be able to access more equipment for their classrooms and therefore improve the quality of education in the country. It would also be possible for programs such as sports to be funded so that the students who are gifted in sports could also enjoy the benefit of having their talents recognized and open doors for their current and future endeavors.

The government could also set up policies that will help encourage more use of technology. First, this can be improved through the provision of funding to the school systems so that they can achieve more technology-based equipment and facilities, which will help in the improvement of the education quality being provided to the school-going children. The government could also pass laws that require the school systems to improve the technology in use in their institutions using the budgets that have already been allocated to them. The government has, at times, claimed the existence of mismanagement of funds given to the school systems. Therefore, if they offered more oversight, it would be possible to reduce the instances of mismanagement, which could lead to the lack of improved educational standards through the non-inclusion of technology in the education sector (Spring). The government could also set up policies that would stimulate economic growth in the entire society, hence improving the quality of education in society. If the people in society can work and earn sensible salaries and wages, they would be motivated enough to provide their children with an education of the best standards possible. If the economy is developed, then more people can pay taxes, hence enabling the government to invest in the needs of society, such as improving the staffing needs of society. An economically liberated society means a better education system in America.

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